18 January 2015

Best of Soundcloud Funky Mosquito Selection 08.2013 - 01.2015

Exclusively selected with love for the Ramp Shows blog (thanxs to all the dj's.., Lebrosk, Roy Hoy...and all the others :)


This is a selection of soundcloud music of the last year and a half, chosen by Funky Mosquito
(some killer tracks included...all from  soundcloud, mostly to download):

World Wide Funk tracklist:

01.15 (06) selections 01-19 from nu-funk to funk to disco to swing to old school
11.14 (05) selections 20-39 world wide funk
11.13 (04): selections 01-10 all good nu souly funkee stuff (good vibes)
10.13 (03): selections 11-21 joy of life (disco & other grooves)
09.13 (02): selections 21-31 world wide funk
08.13 (01): selections 32- 41 special soul-touch

It has to have a touch of FUNK or SOUL, but the style can be wide
from jazz to groove, to reggae, mash-up, nu-groove nu-funk to d&B
or even Dubstep

Enjoy, yours Funky Mosquito (swiss quality music since 1968)


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