30 July 2012

Update from Rory Hoy

Hi everybody!
Just to tell you that Funktion Junction's 2nd Anniversary is coming up on August 22nd and to celebrate, we will have a brand-new 60-minute guest mix from one of the most influental and legendary DJ's on the planet, Freddy Fresh! If you don't know who he is, he is a Hip-Hop, Big Beat, House, Electro and Latin DJ and Beatmaker, who has worked with everybody from Fatboy Slim (did a collabo with him in 1999 with Badder Badder Schwing, which was a Top-40 Hit in the UK), Eminem (remixed his 2000 classic 'The Real Slim Shady'), Tito Puente, Grandmaster Flash, The Freestylers and many more! His music has been featured in various TV Shows and Films including Austin Powers - Goldmember and he is also the mind behind Big Beat imprint Howin' Records, and has a book out called 'The Rap Records', which is a price guide for indipendent Hip-Hop vinyl.

Also watch out for guest mixes from The Captain and Mick & Marc later in the year too!

In the meantime, here is a very lovely tune from my friend, Adski - Enjoy!


28 July 2012

Funky Mosquito Big Nu Funkee Beats #11 (Dubstep Special Six - Ramp Shows)

Funky Mosquito Big Nu Funkee Beats Eleven (Dubstep Special Six) (1:16:01) Exclusivly mixed with love for the Ramp Shows blog. http://ramp-shows.blogspot.com/search/label/DJ%20Funky%20Mosquito

Funky Mosquito Big Nu Funkee Beats Eleven (Dubstep Special Six - Ramp Shows) by Funky Mosquito 

Tracklist of the 33 golden nuggets:)

01) Mosquito - Tranceformer Intro-Mix (0:22)
02) Kamuki - Shoot Me Down (Sigma Remix Stanton Warriors) (4:49)
03) Glenn Miller - In The Mood (Funk Ferret & Goodgroove Remix) (3:03)
04) Funky Ferret - When a Whole Lotta Shit Goes Down (5:00)
05) Frank Sinatra - My Way (The Dancefloor Outlaws Way) (3:01)
06) Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (Parker Remix) (3:47)
07) Les Brown & His Orchestra - Frim Fram Sauce (Bobby C Sound TV Remix) (2:44)
08) Ray Charles - What I'd Say (Bobby C Sound TV Remix) (4:16)
09) Bobby C Sound TV - Soul Food Fight (3:17)
10) Jayl Funk - Dynamite Funk (3:57)
11) EMF - Unbelievable (The Aquinas JFF Refix) (4:12)
12) Featurecast - Party Starter (4:29)
13) BMD - Your Thing (4:06)
14) Chop Shop 45 - Tu Vuo Fa l'Amerricano (Hong Kong Ping Pong Edit) (3:10)
15) Dancefloor Outlaws - It's Not Cricket (4:33)
16) Eric Clapton - Cocaine (WobbleFunk Remix) (5:52)
17) Funkanomics - Illeist Collective ft. 9lives - Armand Grand Daddy (3:49)
18) Lenny Kravitz - American Woman (Funkanomics Remix) (4:15)
19) Parliament - Aqua Boogie (Slynk Remix - Ghetto Funk Allstars) (5:20)
20) Jazz K Lipa ft. Rude Hifi and Anja Schumann - Dance DJ Dance (Funkanomics Remix) (3:15)
21) Bobby C Sound TV - Make Tea Not Guns (2:34)
22) The Clash - Should I Stay (DJ Wood Remix) (2:51)
23) Trouble Funk - Pump Me Up (Bobby C Sound TV Remix) (5:22)
24) The Funk Hunters - Soul Man (5:08)
25) The Beatles - Come Together (Audio Jacked Remix) (3:14)
26) Disco Four - Move To Groove (Bobby C Sound TV Remix) (7:44)
27) Chris Joss - I Want Freedom (Zenit Incompatible Re-Edit) (2:52)
28) Soulparlor - Godfather (Six Step Mix) (5:58)
29) Funkanomics - Planet Cross (Inpud Dastardly Kuts Edit Remix) (5:26)
30) Mashed Up Funk - Street Party (4:48)
31) Blunt Instrument - The Pocket (4:34)
32) Nick Thayer - Facepalm (4:33)
33) Blunt Instrument - 99.1 (3:26)

27 July 2012

Rhino Soulsystem - The never ending summer starts in my stereo (Ramp Shows Blog mix august 2012)

Just a quick mix of my favourite summertunes. hope you enjoy my selection of wicked mash ups, moombah and cumbia tracks. Added some dubstep, ghettofunk, breaks and reggae stormers too, leave a comment if you like - feel free to download. And don´t forget to put in your stereo when you ride into the next downhill sunset ;-)

The never ending summer starts in my stereo (rampshows blog mix august 2012) by Rhino Soulsystem(a)

25 July 2012

Bang 'n Mash NUFUNK Niles Philips guestmix #7 2012

In this month’s show we proudly present a guestmix by the honourable mr. Niles Philips, residing on the Timewarp Music label. This man knows what the funk is all about and delivers a truly golden mix. It’s goose bumps and summer feel all over.

   For more funkiness check http://www.nilesphilips.com

1. Apedroid - Electric (featuring Nell Halford) 
2. Zamali - Blue montains
3. Niles Philips feat. Tonkin - Ill At Ease (AUditors DOmination remix)
4. jazz.K.lipa feat. SoomT - Hold Me (Quincy Jointz remix)
5. Timewarp - Bullshit
6. Funky Destination - The Inside Man (Valique Boogie Tech remix)
7. jazz.K.lipa - Barrio Katz Tanzt Polka Mit Der Olga (Pepe Le Moko Remix)
8. Medras - Swim In Snow (Niles Philips Remix)
9. Headson Groove - You Got to Believe (Basement Freaks remix)
10. Mustbeat Crew - The Feedback (Niles Philips Remix)
11. jazz.K.lipa - Dance Di Dance (Funkanomics Remix)
12. Quincy Jointz - Chicago (Audio InFunktion remix)
13 BMD - Funk Street
14. AUditors Of DOmination - Rempeto (Niles Philips Remix)
15. Apedroid - Enter the Apedroid
16. Niles Philips - String Pusher (MustBeat Crew remix)
17. DJ August - No Need To Hit 'em (2011)
18. Makala - Cartoon Tune
19. Timewarp inc - Back to the 60s (Valique Down The Street remix)
20. Headson Groove - You Got to Believe
21. Niles Philips feat. Tonkin - Nose Dive (Yomakomba Spy Groove Remix)
22. Funky Destination - Balkanarama (Bad Monkeys DoJaja remix)
23. The Mohawks - The Champ


24 July 2012

Rory Hoy's Funktion Junction - Episode 24

Hello guys and gals, and welcome to another funky fresh edition of Rory Hoy’s Funktion Junction. In this month’s episode, expect something really diverse as we have everything from Hip-Hop to Nu-Funk to Big Beat, House, Dubstep, Electro and Classic Soul ripped straight off the original vinyl!

BBP Ramp Show #6 - July 24th 2012 by Prosper

The one and only Propsper is back on BBP with the brand new album called The Great Conjunction that was released last friday. It features a long range of styles and vocal contirubutions from all over the world.

Prosper has been a long time contirbutor to the Nu Funk scene and has released music on all major funky breaks labels.

To showcase Propser skills on the decks he has put together and mindblowing set of oldskool beats and breaks mixed in various shapes and styles.

Download the mix here:

Be sure to check out the brand new album The Great Conjunction:

Enjoy the mix...

BBP Ramp Show #6 - July 24th 2012 by Prosper by BBPRampShows

1) Fried Funk Food : The Real Shit (Bonus Beats)
+ Blue Swede : Hooked on a Feeling
+ Bee Gees : Staying Alive
2) The Bar Kays : Holy Gost
3) Bassbin Twins : Sleng Teng
+ Bob James : Take Me To The Mardi gras
4) The Soul Seachers : Ashley Roachclip
5) Masters At Work : Get Up
6) Deee-Lite : Deee-Lite Theme
7) Arrested Development : Tennessee (Dj's only mix)
8) Coldcut : Say Kids !
9) James Brown : The Funky Drummer (Bonus Beats)
10) Blue Boy : Remember Me (Sure is Pure 12' mix)
11) Doom Selector : The Broken Joint
12) Snap : The Power (Ful Mix)
13) Bassbin Twins V.s Doom Selector : It Takes A Thief
+ Rita Mitsouko : Andy
+ Inxs : Need you Tonight
+ Run Dmc : Walk This Way
+ Mick Jagger : Sweet Thing
14) Prince : Batdance
15) The Fine Young Cannibals : She Drives me Crazy (12' Remix)
16) Bassbin Twins : Love Island
17) Maars : Pump Up The Volume
+ Daft Punk : Phoenix
18) Grand Popo Football Club : Arab Skank
19) Daft Punk : Da Funk
20) Black Machine : How Gee
21) Bassbin Twins : Pop Bonus Beats
22) Cut La Roc : La Roc Rocs
23) Prince : Controversy
24) Bassbin Twins : Grimm Loops
25) Fried Funk Food : B-Boys On Acid
26) Metro LA : Greenline
27) Dub Pistols : Keep Movin' (Dub Pistols Disco Skillz Mix)
28) Bassbin Twins : Just C'mon Y'All
29) Bassbin Twins Presents "Back2House" : Mother Africa
30) Impulsion : Acid Addict
31) Shewey Trax : DubFunkRavers (Bassbin Twins Mix)
32) Eurythmics : Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
33) DeeJay Punk-Roc : My Beatbox (Bonus Beats)
34) Depeche Mode : I Just Can't Get Enough
35) B52's : Planet Claire
36) Mike & Charlie : I Get Live (Fatboy Slim Mix)
37) Armand Van Helden : Watch Your Back
38) Fatboy Slim : Song For Shelter

19 July 2012

Chudy - Tru Funk Ramp Shows Podcast (July 2012)

Chudy - Tru Funk Ramp Shows Podcast (July 2012) by Chudy

1.BMD - Bad Man (Tru Funk rec. -
2.Funkadelic - Take Your Dead Ass Home! (Morlack re-flex)
3.Lakeshore Drive - Living The Funk (Tom Drummond & His Friends remix)
4.Rollomatik - Callin' Home
5.Dutty Moonshine & Kid Kasino - Everybody
6.Chudy - Get You (Tru Funk rec. -
7.Dusty Tonez - Rebels Message
8.Defkline & Red Polo vs Dancefloor - Boosch That Shit
9.Warson - So Fresh
10.Featurecast - Dangerously Happy
11.Featurecast - My Thing
12.Ellboss - Word!
13.Warson & Chudy - Everybody
14.Chudy - Hot Guitar
15.DJ Axe vs Stereo Beatz - Funk 'n Breaks (Chudy Remix) http://www.junodownload.com/products/funknbreaks/1974616-02/?trackid=4
16.Chudy - It's What I Do
17.Chudy - I Don't Know
18.Nic2Birilli - Don't Give Up the Funk
19.Adeva - Respect
20.Chic - Chic Mystique (Club Mix)
21.Warson - Think About It (soon on Tru Funk rec.)

15 July 2012

New Lebrosk & Meeloox party mashup available at Juno Download

More low-swung nu-funk badness from the Dirty Dubster crew right here. Cruising at the crucial sub-110bpm territory and oozing squidgy bass, each of the three cuts on this volume will cause serious buttshakery on your floor. "Here We Go Biggie" is the real party piece; taking the big guy's inimitable vocal delivery and applying it to a cool, understated hook it's got that deep funk power many producers try to attain but never quite hit. Pineapple Funk closes the show with a very cool rendition of C&C Music Factory's "Do You Wanna Get Funky" (a track that many will associate with the Freestylers from their big beat days). With myriad vocal samples and a nifty electro bass hook that's used with care, it neatly sums up why you should be tuned into the Dirty Dubster sound...

14 July 2012

Quincy Jointz - Jointz Venture (album promo-mix)

1. Airports By Quincy Jointz
2. Hold Me (Quincy Jointz Remix - Album-Edit) By Jazz.K.Lipa
3. For Marla By Quincy Jointz
4. Get Down By Quincy Jointz
5 . Back In Da Dayz By Quincy Jointz
6. Wanna Tell Ya By Quincy Jointz Feat. Michael Devellis
7. Love In Return By Quincy Jointz Feat. Judith Menner
8. Big Bad Dub By Quincy Jointz
9. Blast (Album-Edit) By Quincy Jointz Pres. Geriba Feat. Mc Fava
10.People Survive (Quincy Jointz Remix - Album-Edit) By Globe
11.Stay Focused By Quincy Jointz Feat. Mc Resc
12.Djougouya (Quincy Jointz Remix Album-Edit) By Banderas
13.Just Enough Rope By Quincy Jointz Feat. The Impellers
14.Bodyline By Quincy Jointz


Breakdown RadIo – July 2102 - Bulabeats Records

The Breakdown Chart

8) Lovin SpoonFul v Jazzy Jef & The Fresh Prince - Hot Summer - Wick it Mash up

7) Nynfus Corporation – Le Petit P - Break beat Paradise Recordings

6) Oli Garch – Esperanca - Quincy joints Rmx - Big M

5) Sticky Buds - Clean Air - Sub Funk

4) Jungle Boogie – Kotch Remix

3) Aquasky – Heat Wave - Passenger Records

2) DJ K - I Feel Like Jumpin – Kingdom

1) Benny Page – Know Fi Move ya waist – High Coulture

Shouts to Labels , DJs and PPls
Nice !


Press /Pr: 

Web Site : 

13 July 2012

Rory hoy VS The Stuttering Munx - Summertime Groovez

With some pretty heavy commendations under their names as solo artists Rory Hoy's and Stuttering Munx join forces and fire out a hot summer tune with that feel good vibe! A super cool funky disco vibe essential for your summertime sets, whether house or breaks this is no nonsense music of the now, disco influences are certainly back in a big way, we could even say they never went away, you can always get down to a funky disco groove so don't miss out on this one!

10 July 2012

The 'Funk Sessions' on the Ramp Shows Blog - July 2012 (Guestmix by Dylan Sanders)

My latest Funk Sessions show with an EXCLUSIVE guestmix from Dylan Sanders !

The 'Funk Sessions' on the Ramp Shows Blog - July 2012 (Guestmix by Dylan Sanders) by Lebrosk

Weapon Of Diggity - KarbonKidd
A.B.C - Unknown
The Hard Wish - DJDB
Jump (feat. Dynamic) - Featurecast
So Fresh - Warson
Saturday Night (Chrispop refix) - Ozomatli
We Love to Party - Rollomatik
Play Along (WBBL remix) - Dan Le Sac
Groove With It - Adski
Records in the crate (AfroQBen remix) - Basement Freaks
Move ya - Dutty Moonshine & JFB
Jungle Boogie (Kovary nu Jump up booty) - Kool and The Gang
Shake Da Room - Tom Drummond & Slynk
Hip Hop Swing - DJ Twister
Different Ways (DJ Andy Taylor remix) - Nnothing
Never Gonna Dance Again - Defunk

Dylan Sanders Guestmix: 
Nick Thayer vs DJ Bam Bam - Watch The Club Rise Up (Dylan Sanders Drag & Drop Edit)
Feed Me - One Click Headshot
DJ Daigo - Watch The Shot
Bobby C Sound TV - Neon Night Light
Beyonce and Jay-Z - Crazy In Love (Acapella)
Skrillex - Right In (Northie's Partycore Edit)
Knife Party - Sleaze
Justin Martin vs Midfield General - Ruff Disco Sirens (Dylan Sanders Drag & Drop Edit)
Will Smith vs Daft Punk - Jiggy Around The World (LunyP Mashup)
Zedd - Slam The Door (Frenzy Re-Bounce)
Labrinth vs Knife Party - Last Time (Dylan Sanders Re-Rub)
Van Tek - Be Afraid (Sychosis Knuck If You Buck Remix)
Adele vs Wolfgang Gartner, Krafty Kuts and Al Bizarre - Undertaker In The Deep (Dylan Sanders Blend)
Benny Benassi and Skrillex vs Bart B More and Rel1 - Ciname Braap (Dylan Sanders Booty)
Skrillex and Kaskade - Lick It (DJ Icey Mix)
Chris Lake - Build Up (Tommy Trash Edit)
Thomas Gold and Dirty South - Alive (Dylan Sanders Dub)
Deadmau5 feat. Chris James - The Veldt (Tommy Trash Mix)
Plump DJs vs Terravita - Gobstopp In The Club (Dylan Sanders Transition Edit)
DJ Die and Interface vs Pendulum and Rob Swire - Bright Witchcraft (Dylan Sanders Drag and Drop Edit)
Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes vs Limp Bizkit and Dillon Francis - Look At Me Rollin (Dylan Sanders Drag and Drop Mash)
Pendulum vs Knife Party - Bonfire Slam (Dylan Sanders Blend)
Sub Focus - Out Of The Blue (Acapella)
White Lies and The Similou vs Chase and Status - All This Death (Dylan Sanders Crowd Pleaser Edit)
Pendulum vs Tiesto and Diplo - C/mon Fasten Your Seatbelts (Dylan Sanders Transition Edit)
The Usual Suspects and Dirty South - Walking Alone (Acapella)
Skrillex vs Apocalypto - Checkered Bangarang (Sychosis and Dylan Sanders Re-Funk)
The Collective Sound - Let The Horns Blow (Dylan Sanders Remix)
Apocalypto - Apocalypto (Dylan Sanders 'Livin In NYC' Re-Rub)
Denzal Park - Amarok
Curtis B, Houserocka and Mord Fustang - Super Ka Taco Fever (Sychosis Re-Funk)
DJ Fresh feat. Rita - Hot Right Now (Camo & Krooked Remix)
Gramatik vs Eminem - Stairway To Hip Hop Superman (Skinny B Mashup)

9 July 2012

Dan Wilde: Black Belt Jams #23

The 23rd instalment of my monthly show for ramp-shows.blogspot.com dated 10.07.12... (every 2nd Tuesday of the month)

Classic Funk, Funky Breaks, Ghetto Funk, Mash-Ups & More......

Including the likes of... Parlet, Jimi Needles, DJ Soo, Whodini, Bobby C Sound TV, ...and many more.

Ramp Shows Blog Mix: AJ's Fireworks of Funk (07/08/2012)

AJ's back in the house, with over an hour of funky disco house tunes to get you going through the month!

As always, enjoy and leave feedback!

Ramp FM Blog Mix: AJ's Fireworks of Funk (07/08/12) by AJ Manns

Digital Fun K - Keep On
Helius Carpathia - Turn Me On
M'Pulse - Makes Me Alive [R.E.D. 's Remix]
Tzesar - Happy Times
Digital Fun K - Let It Flow
Puzzle - Santa Barbara [GoGoBizkitt Remix]
Carbon Parlour - Elevate
Broke One - Please Take Me Back [Lebatman Remix]
miste - Mainline
Danny Dance - Shinin' [Part I]
David Keno - Shaft [Jesse Rose Re-Fix]
Jesse Rose - Lady [Jesse Rose's 2012 Re-Fix]
Phippsy - LKC
De La Phunk & Mike le Disco - Somebody
De La Phunk & Mike le Disco - Somebody [Xavi La Swing Rework]
Beerlover - Social Club
Jamiroquai - Main Vein [DJam Sinclair Remix]
Skinny - Friday (Going Out) [Norman Cook Remix]
DJam Sinclair - Melody of My Heart [The Louder the Better Remix]

5 July 2012

Park The Funk On Ramp Volume 3

Third round of Park The Funk on the Ramp Blog folks :) As always a huge thank you to everyone who listened and downloaded the last show ! Very excited to be celebrating the July 4th today so as a special guest mix for your listening pleasure I have Dj Yamin (DJ Yamin) with his America Mix ........

America: A beautiful and complex place. A land that cherishes individual freedoms and rights, yet has a history of not granting those freedoms to all. In this mix I try to show the diversity and richness of American culture through the music of such bands as The Doors and Gil Scott-Heron. July 4th, 2012 is around the corner and while we celebrate our beautiful country, let us not forget our ancestors, who helped to pave the way for us to enjoy our freedoms today.

DJ Yamin

Park The Funk On Ramp Volume 3 by Dj Kimble

Jimi Hendrix & Wu Tang Clan-Star Spangled Banner
The Doors-LA Woman mix
Steve Miller Band-Fly Like an Eagle (Disco Syndicate's easy ease edit)
Groundhog-Bumpin' (scratchandsniff re-rub)
Allen Toussaint-Soul Sister (DJ Yamin Remix)
Gil Scott-Heron-Winter in America (Cookin Soul)
Sioux Indians-War Dance
Donny Hathaway-The Ghetto (Suonho Reloved)
The Pimps Of Joytime-San Francisco Bound (DJ OBah Remix)
Q-Tip-Manwomanboogie (DJ Asparagus Breakdown)
Notorious BIG-We Got Machine Gun Funk
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons-Beggin' (Pilooski Re-Edit
Prince & The Revolution-America
DJ Prime-Get The Breaks Now...
The Hot 8 Brass Band-We Are One

and a small tribute from myself to all that I love about American music !

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (Dj Zebra Remix)
James Brown - Mind Power (Basement Freaks Remix)
The Dells - Strategy
Digital Underground - Humpty Dance
Areatha Franklin - Rock Steady (Disco Tech Re-Edit)
Dizzy Gillespie - Manteca (Funky Lowlives Remix)
Pickster One - Lovely Day Remix
Skeewiff - Man Of Constant Sorrow
Illegal Cookin' - Picketlines
Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing (Kovary Bootleg)
Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie (Kovary Nu Jump Up Booty)
RATM Vrs Beyonce - Crazy In Power Back (Fissunix Remix)
Grandmaster Flash - Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel (Freddy Fresh Remix)
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Goofree Remix)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under The Bridge (Pimpsoul & Funk Hunters Remix)
Sly & The Family Stone - Family Affair
Lordz Of The Underground - TicToc (Bruce Missiles Bruise Control Blend)
Stevie Wonder - I Wish (Qdup Remix)

as always take a few moments to check out all the great shows on http://ramp-shows.blogspot.ie/

Thanks for listening

Dj Kimble

Ramp 004 - Itison!FM Special with DJ Vadim

For a full 10 years I have been doing a weekly radio show - Itison!FM, which currently airs on Bosnian National Radio each Monday from 21 to 23h.

In honor of the show's 10th anniversary, on May 26th 2012. I made a party with super dope guests: Balkan top jocks - Dj Venom, Dj Umbo & Baga Sound and a very special guest from the UK - Dj Vadim. No need to say that the party was off the hook ! Videos coming soon...

With Dj Vadim & his team's kind permission, here is the recording of Vadim's live performance from that night.

Since Dj Vadim really needs no introduction, just hit the play button and enjoy...


Kick-in Btz Ramp Show Vol. 6 w/ Sneaker & The Dryer

Sneaker &The Dryer is back with a massive summertime mix for everybody. Kick-in Btz Ramp Show #6 is the biggest one yet so get ready to be blasted by bass.... it's business time!!

  Kick-in Btz Ramp Show Vol. 6 w/ Sneaker & The Dryer by SneakerAndTheDryer

01. – Intro
02. – Featurecast “Dangerously Happy”
03. – Dada Life “Cookies with a Smile”
04. – Swedish House Mafia “Antidote” Swedish House Mafia Dub
05. – Dada Life “Happy Violence” Dub Mix
06. – David Guetta Ft. Nicki Minaj “Turn Me On” Laidback Luke Remix
07. – Zedd Ft. Matthew Koma “Spectrum”
08. – Krewella “Feel Me”
09. – The Kickstarts & Flip Inc. “Hype” w/ Q-Tip Acapella
10. – Dada Life “Happy Hands & Happy Feet” Phatzoo Remix
11. – Dada Life “Rolling Stones T-Shirt” Cazette Remix
12. – Deadmau5 “Ghosts N Stuff” Beef Theatre Remix
13. – Knife Party “Rage Valley” Sneaker & The Dryer Edit
14. – J-Trick & Reese Low “I’m So Hot” Tonic Remix
15. – Michael White “Secrets of the Arpeggiator” Eric Farias Remix w/ Candi Stanton Acapella
16. – Plastik Funk & Tujamo “WHO” w/ Barry White Acapella
17. – Zedd “Slam the Door”
18. – Bingo Players “L’Amour” w/ Afroman Acapella
19. – Basement Freaks Ft. Lozen “Records in the Crate” Nynfus Corporation Remix

Check out the Ramp Shows for some of their other wicked artists like Lebrosk and Janette Slack here - http://ramp-shows.blogspot.com/

4 July 2012

Mr Bird - Talk Of The Town (Dan Wilde Remix)

My remix of Mr Birds 'Talk Of The Town'...2nd release on Fat Bird Sounds including fat remixes from Bossy Ride, Joe Revell and Flint & Steel!!! Available here: 


DJ's for MP3 promo pack please email: fatbirdsounds@gmail.com 

Mr Bird - Talk Of The Town (Dan Wilde Remix) by DanWilde/Fierce Business

Released by: Fat Bird Sounds
Release/catalogue number: FBS 002 Release date: Jul 27, 2012

2 July 2012

Bang 'n Mash DNB #6 2012

Hell, there is no shame in playing anthems every now and then. Check out this month’s mix by Formula75. Right on the money with some good old drum and bass, 100% festival proof.


1. Anticipate (Netsky remix) - Skream (Hospital Records)
2. Give, Take – Netsky (Hospital Records)
3. Don’t need you – Optiv + BTK (Virus)
4. Over and out – Logistics (Hospital Records)
5. Snowman – Brookes Brothers (Hospital Records)
6. Tonight – Wilkinson (RAM Records)
7. Musik - Craggz & Parallel (Hospital Records)
8. Cosmos – Smooth (Viper)
9. Deep in my heart – Hamilton (RAM Records)
10. Whatever – Optiv + BTK (Dutty Audio)
11. Hold On (Fred V & Grafix Remix) – Skepta (Hospital Records)
12. Father, can’t you see I’m burning – High Contrast (Hospital Records)
13. Get Away From Here feat. Selah Sue (Original Mix) – Netsky (Hospital Records)
14. Seconds To Midnight – SPY (Hospital Records)
15. Na Fool Me Again – Wickaman (Hospital Records)
16. Love & Hate – SPY (Hospital Records)
17. Renegade (Optiv Remix) – Maztek (Icarus Audio)
18. Free me – Schematic (Blu Saphir)
19. Datahub (Mindscape Remix) – Chris Su (Obsessions)
20. Wish You Were Here (feat. Selah Corbin) – High Contrast (Hospital Records)


Funky Mosquito Big Nu Funkee Beats Ten (Drum & Bass Special One Ramp Shows)

Exclusivly mixed with love for the Ramp Shows blog: http://ramp-shows.blogspot.com

Bass Fever with elements of: Big Nu Funkee Beats,  D&B, Jazz, Soul, Groove, Nu-Jazz,  Nu-Soul, Nu-Funk, Breakbeat, Latin, Bossa, Reggae, Dub, Wobble, Ghettofunk, Dubstep,  Electronic, Rare-Groove, Rare Chillout and Lounge Pop

01) James Brown - Sunny (Regrooved by Featurecast) (5:12)
02) Sono Rhizmo - I can't sleep (6:08)
03) Sono Rhizmo - Need No Doctor (3:41)
04) Suonho - Gypsy Woman (feat Joe Bataan) (2:57)
05) DJ Czech - Hit The Road (6:22)
06) Ben Jay - Barretto (4:06)
07) Palov ft Lady Faye - Troubles (Dirty Dubster Remix) (4:07)
08) Rebel MC & Tenor Fly - Born Again (Serial Killaz Mix) (5:11)
09) Serial Killaz - Mash You Down (feat Cornell Campbell) (5:31)
10) 4Corners Crew - More Than Ever (feat Jahdan Blakkamoore - Ricky Tuff Remix) (5:16)
11) The aka Ed Solo/Deekline/Simon M Wildlife Collective - No No No (You Don''t Love Me) (5:22)
12) Flow Dynamics - Bossa for Bebo (Jazz Juice Mix) (6:00)
13) Zenit Incompatible - Sweet Spring Nights (4:23)
14) Dirty Dubster - Jungle Sensi (6:02)
15) KMO3 - Latin Bugaloo (6:39)
16) Ed Solo - Dollar Preview (2:33)
17) Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Papa Chajes (Basement Freaks Remix) (4:24)
18) DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora - Hot Right Now (3:03)
19) Virtual Suspects - Gotta Have Your Love (feat Gwen McRae - D&B Mix) (5:22)
20) Modual - Greed (Loodma Recordings) (5:04)
21) Ghosts of Paraguay & ID3 - Winter Stars (6:20)
22) Nelly Furtado - Turn Of The Light (A Jackmaster Hawk Mix) (4:25)
23) From P60 - Move On (feat. Virag) (4:49)

Thanxs for all the artists and re-editers and remixers for their magical work :)

tBMS #17 by Meeloox

Part of the set I played as supporting DJ for the Dub FX concert in Bucharest - 08.06.2012