26 November 2014

Rory Hoy - 2015 Promo Mix

Here is a short minimix, as part of a promo pack for anyone looking for DJ’s next year! 

22 November 2014

Funky Mosquito Burning Disco Boogie Fourty-Seven (Joe Negro Special Tribute)

Exclusively mixed with love for the Ramp Shows blog.

Born: 18 June 1964 on the Isle of Wight and raised in a village near Colchester in Essex, UK. Joey Negro is the main alias Dave Lee works under, amongst many others.

Dave integrated his passion for disco music into house music as both a producer and remixer, causing many to call his music disco-house. He released music under a plethora of monikers for a multitude of record labels throughout the 1990s and beyond.

Further infos and more funky mixes you can find under facebook:

01) Ali Disco B - You Cant hide Your Aamples (Ali Disco b Reedit) (0:08)  I.D. - I.D Phunky Phone  
       Intro(0:10) DJ Funky Mosquito - The best Classics Into (0:18)
02) Los Charly's Orchestra - Some of the Things (Joey Negro Dub) (6:05)
03) The Sunburst Band - The Secret Life of Us (Joey Negro Extended Mix) (6:31)
04) Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - Why Wait For Tomorrow (featuring Pete Simpson) (7:12)
05) Kleeer - Tonight's the Night (Good Time) [Joey Negro Tonight It's Partytime Mix] (7:01)
06) Narada Michael Walden - Tonight (I'm Alright) [Joey Negro Spirit of '79 Mix] (11:46)
07) Captain Sky - Moon Child (Joey Negro Edit) (6:42)
08) TW Funkmasters - Love Money (Joey Negro Dubwise Revision)(7:32)
09) Roy Ayers - Get On Up, Get On Down (Joey Negro Revibe)    (7:14)
10) Mass Production - Welcome To Our World (Joey Negro Funk In the Music Mix)(13:57)
11) Patrice Rushen - Haven't You Heard (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) (6:56)
12) J Paul Getto - Love Today (Joey Negro Spirit of '79 Edit) (6:25)
13) Paul Cacia - Saved By Your Love (Joey Negro Edit) (7:35)
14) Joey Negro - Love Hangover (Joey Negro Club Mix) (6:40)
15) Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - Educated Funk (2:45)

Big thanxs to joey negro to all the love in these remixes and
all the groove in the soul :)

17 November 2014

Elite Force - From the Vaults Mixtape (November 2014)

This set was originally put together for RaveArt's 'Retro Festival' in Southern Spain which primarily focuses on OLD skool breakbeat sounds. On the night, my set was *badly* hampered by major monitoring issues in the booth, so I spent the following day re-creating the mix as I'd intended it to sound.

I hope you enjoy it (there are several unreleased tracks in there you may never have heard before).

BigBeatTastic with Rory Hoy - Episode 01

Here is the first episode of BigBeatTastic for Digitally Imported Radio, USA (http://www.di.fm/bigbeat). This 1 hour show is a mixture of the Classic Big Beat sounds of back in the day to the sounds of today and more! Watch out for some new material from myself, and a rare unreleased Oasis Mashup from Mr. Norman Cook himself - Fatboy Slim

16 November 2014

Rennie Pilgrem ‎– Live In The Cavern Club (2007)

Recorded live with MC "9 Lives the Cat" at the Cavern Club, Exeter on 01/06/07 breaks don Rennie Pilgrim smashes the place apart with a wicked selection of breakbeat bombs.

01. Nu Era - Rennie Pilgrem
02. Gonzo Fuse - DJ Icey
03. Feel My… - Tom Real v the Rogue Element (Madox Mix)
04. Edit - JDS
05. Clobber - Rennie Pilgrem (VIP Edit)
06. Shoe Monkey - Spoon Wizard (Tom Real v the Rogue Element)
07. Hood Thang - Boabinga & ID
08. Babylon Breaks - Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought
09. Elevate - Dreadzone (Roxilla Mix)
10. Eraser - Rennie Pilgrem VIP Edit
11. Satisfaction - Uberzone
12. Funk Rock - Back Draft
13. Hyperspeed - Drumattic Twins
14 Moving The Hype - Aquasky/ Crash Berlin feat Kool Keith (Nick Thayer mix)
15. Shredder - Far To Loud
16. Let's The Beats Roll - Tim Deluxe (Rennie Pilgrem Mix)

14 November 2014

A few Worthy sets for ya ....

Massive fan of San Fran's Worthy so here are a few sets for you to check out...

Freddy Fresh - BBC Radio One Essential Mix 1998

Nowadays I'm not too hot for essential mixes, I lost interest in them as they shifted their focus towards more popular dancemusic and I'm an underground music lover. However, this one is a gem I just had to share with the world on Soundcloud.

I proudly present, the essential Mix from Freddy Fresh dating from 1998! Man, I can't begin to describe how cool I think this mix is... mostly really oldskool and obscure hiphop, some raw technotracks, near-cheesy 80's hiphop, cool samples from obscure records, really weird monologues from freddy fresh himself... Really, no amount of words can do justice to this mix, you'll have to listen to it to 'understand it'

Incredibly cool experience to listen trough this one,especially when high ;) ... so what are you waiting for? Christmas? Enjoy!

PS. I'm never good at genres so please forgive me if I misused some genres in this description ;)
PS2. This one is with the presenter, Pete Tong

Tracklist: (see for a more accurate tracklist www.discogs.com/Freddy-Fresh-The-…x/release/1872260)

1. Hidden Rhythm – “Sit Back, Relax” (Nugroove)
2. Hidden Rhythm – “Masked Man” (Butterbeat)
3. Hidden Rhythm – “The All Star Master” (Butterbeat)
4. Warp 9 – “Nunk” (Prisim)
5. C.O.D. – “In The Bottle” (Emergency)
6. Nairobi – “Funky Makoosa” (Streetwise)
7. Book Of Love – “Modigliani” (Sire)
8. Mann Parrish – “Techno Trax” (Rame Horn)
9. Mann Parrish – “Boogie Down Bronx” (Superscoop)
10. Freddie Fresh meets Fat Boy Slim – “Sound Of Milwaukee” (Skint)
11. Nitro Deluxe – “Mental Transformation” (Cutting)
12. Anthony Rother – “Sex With Machines” (Kamslerant)
13. Koto – “Visitors” (Memory)
14. Nancy Martin – “Can’t Believe” (Atlantic)
15. MFSB – “Love Is The Message/Love Break” (CBS)
16. Facination – “Don’t You Think It’s Time” (Vinyl Mania)
17. Jive Rhythm Trax – “untitled” (Jive/Arista)
18. Radio – “Fest Outdoor In Humacou Puerto Rico” (DJ Steffan)
19. Frederico Fresh meets Freska All Stars – “Bedroom Breaks” (white label)
20. DJ Louie Lou – “Bronx Scratch Mix” (white label)
21. Lil’ – “Jazzy Jay and Cool Supreme” (B Boy Style)
22. Fantasy 3 – “It’s Your Rock” (Specific)
23. Dougy Boys – “Fly Guy” (Capitol)
24. Bad Boys – “K-Love” (Gadgets)
25. Invisible Man – “149th Street Groove” (Butterbeat)
26. Freddie Fresh – “Da Bird” (Butterbeat)
27. Freddie Fresh – “Bonus Beats” (Analog)
28. Information Society – “Running” (Wide Angle)
29. Mona Love – “My Hearts Get All The Breaks” (Ligosa)
30. artist uknown – “Acappella VD1” (white label)
31. Soul Sonic Force – “Planet Rock” (Tommy Boy)
32. Kraftwerk – “Nummern” (Kling Klang)
33. Queen – “The Prophet Song” (Elektra B)
34. C.O.D. – “In The Bottle” (Emergency)
35. Mann Parrish – “Hip-Hop Be-Bop” (Ram’s Horn)
36. Korean Children’s Chior – “Chunan Samkuri” (Urania)
37. B Boys – “Girls” (Vintertainment)
38. Just Four – “Games Of Life” (Express)
39. Majestic Prod. – “Drop Method” (Majestic Control)
40. M.C. Shan – “Beat Biter” (Bridge)
41. Marly Marl – “Marly Marl Scratch” (NIA)
42. Super Kids – “The Tragedy” (NIA)
43. DJ Phantom – “B Boy Break” (Phantom)
44. Keymatics – “Breaking In Space” (Radar)
45. Imagination – “State Of Love” (Elektra)
46. MC Hollywood – “Hollywood’s World” (Abdull-Akbar)
47. Jimmy Spider – “Super Rhyme” (Dazz)
48. Crash Crew – “On The Radio” (Bay City)
49. Disco 4 – “We’re At The Party” (Profile)
50. Earth People – “Dance” (Apexton)
51. Innercity – “Groovin’ Without A Doubt” (KMS)
52. Carl Craig – “My Machines” (Planet E)
53. Future Sound Of Detriot – “untitled” (white label)
54. Freddy Fresh and Friend – “Misc Sound Effects”
55. Aphex Twin – “Phloam” (R & S)
56. Renegade Soundwave – “The Phantom” (Mute)
57. Aphex Twin – “Dodecca-Heedron” (R & S)
58. Aphex Twin – “Digeridoo” (R & S)
59. Aphex Twin – “Isoprophlex” (R & S)
60. Aphex Twin – “Phloam” (R & S)
61. Aphex Twin – “Quoth” (Warp)
62. Marcus Salon – “Room To Move” (TZ)
63. Subhead 02 – “untitled” (white label)
64. Jeff Mills – “Thera EP” (Axis)
65. P.C.P. – “The Move” (R & S)
66. Joey Beltram – “Energy Flash” (R & S)
67. Air Liquid – “If Ther Was No Gravity” (Rising High)
68. Auto Kinetic – “Googleplex” (Electric Music Foundation)
69. DJ Slip – “Fall Of Jupiter” (Parotic)
70. Aphex Twin – “Polygon Window” (Warp)
71. Joey Jupiter – “Vibe Tribe” (Trick)
72. Mental Overdrive – “Theme Of St. Baffa” (R & S)
73. J.V.C. Force – “Stong Island” (B-Boy)
74. Schooly D – “P.S.K.” (Schooly D)
75. Eric B – “My Melody” (Zakia)
76. Dimples D – “Suckapella” (Party Time)
77. Z-3 MCs – “Triple Threat” (Beauty And Beat)
78. Master OC and Crazy Eddie – “Masters Of Scratch” (Next Plateu)
79. Birdsong and Dugout Boys – “The Sucker MC’s” (Singh)
80. Troy The Wonderboy And Electric One-Thousand – "Boo Amazing
81. Wonderboy" (Boos Beat-Cobbler Mary Hill Music)
82. Burtis Blow – “AJ Scratch” (Mercury)
83. Spoonie Gee – “Love Rap” (Njoy)
84. Majestic MC’s – “Bite On The Duke” (Lemon Twist)
85. KAOS – “Crank Up The Bass – Hobo Scratch” (Island)
86. Jazzy Jay – “Cold Chillin’ In The Spot” (Def Jam)
87. Art Of Noise – “Beat Box II” (ZTI)
88. Malcolm McLaren – “World Famous” (Island)
89. Kurtis Blow – “Starlife” (Mercury)
90. Kurtis Blow – “Do The Do” (Mercury)
91. Syl Johnson – “Different Strokes” (7" white label)
92. Pumpkin – “Here Comes That Beat” (Profile)
93. Stady Lattisaw – “Attack Of The Name Game” (Cottillion)
94. M.C.B. – “It’s Your Scratch” (Sunnyview)
95. Treacherous 3 – “Get Up!” (Sugar Hill)
96. Malcolm McLaren – “Madam Butterfly” (Carisma)

Utah Saints - DJ Mix November 2014

Beats and Baselines that have been rocking our sets over the last few months.

Armory Podcast - Lee Coombs

This week in The Armory we're thrilled to be featuring this live recording of our good buddy, Lee Coombs, from the Opulent Temple sound camp on Monday night at Burning Man this year. Press play. Get down.

Checkout Lee's brand new album, Keleidoscope, at http://tinyurl.com/leecoombs-kaleidos....

For more information on Lee visit:

Artwork by www.jempanufnik.com

4 November 2014

Krafty Kuts Radio Moscow DJ Mix (Lady Waks Radio Show)

Brand new Promo Mix I did for Lady Waks Radio show, loads of new & exclusive tunes on here enjoy !!