24 July 2015

Rory Hoy feat. Ashley Slater - Hey Everybody! (NEW SINGLE OUT TODAY!!!!!)

I am proud to announce that today is the day that my funky new single ‘Hey Everybody!’ in collaboration with the legendary Ashley Slater (ex-Freakpower with Fatboy Slim) is released on all good download sites. Craig Charles has been playing it regularly on his BBC6 Funk & Soul Show and calls it ‘The Best Record Of The Year’ and it’s been likened in reviews to Daft Punk, Chic and Pharrell Williams! Your support always means a lot and any help to push it is gratefully received - here’s the iTunes link. 


 Please spread the word, share it on your social media sites, and hope you enjoy it! PS: Also done a remix for Chumbawamba of the iconic song Tubthumping (I Get Knocked Down) which will hopefully be used in a forthcoming film about the song! Former Chumba member Dunstan Bruce loves it and he's put it on his ‘I Get Knocked Down’ Facebook page - here’s the link for you to have a listen 


 Much love 


23 July 2015

Mooqee - Bombstrikes Pres. The Ring Mix - Beatherder 2015

Beatherder is definately one of my favourite places in the world. As anyone who has witnessed it will testify, its a place with no pretentions and just an 'effing good festival. For those that don't know its based in the north of the UK and is put together so lovingly by the organisers that it is up there with other festivals I've had the privelage to play, such as Fusion in Germany or Shambhala in Canada.

This was my 7th year and the festival's 10th anniversary. Without fail each year tops the last and we (Bombstrikes & Sugarbeat) have been honored to host our own stage for most of the years I've been there. Finding our home in 'The Ring' for the last 2 years.
This year I decided to record my set and share it with you all. Crossing all genres, the show is a chance for me to push some fresh bass, dig out some old party classics and have some FUN!! As music is supposed to be fun, right? This is from the Bombstrikes presents night on the Friday night. 

Play it loud and Enjoy!

Finally...To all those who came to party with us..much love and thanks. See you next year!

22 July 2015

Bang 'n Mash ft Bobby C - Funky Collaboration EP

Bobby C Sound teamed up with Bang 'n Mash for this Funky Collaboration EP

Out now on Tru:Funk | Juno Downloads

JT Funky Rock - (4:38) 107 BPM
EWF Getting Jiggy - (4:04) 110 BPM
Acid Hop Is Dangerous - (3:20) 108 BPM

21 July 2015

Stanton Warriors - Night Bass Guest Mix

Grinny Grandad - Beatherder 2015 DJ Set - Hotel California

Nixon - Summer Shadows Mix (Punkscast Vol 5)

Nick Thayer - Get Involved (Volume 1)

Secret FM Radio: Secret Garden Party 2015 – Hubie Sounds

Hi and welcome to the Hubie Sounds 'Childish Things' podcast for Secret FM. I'm Hubie, I'm a child of the '80s and '90s and I don't think I'll ever grow up. In this 30 minute music mix I spin an eclectic selection of tunes that remind me of my childhood, as well as tunes that appeal to my inner child, including references to some of my favourite movies, TV shows and other fun stuff that I still love today. My main influences for this mix are the old cut 'n' paste hip hop mixes of the '80s by the likes of Double Dee & Steinski and Coldcut, and more recently DJ Food and DJ Yoda. Those guys knew how to have fun and channel their inner child into their music, which is what I've tried to do with this mix too. Let's have some fun…

Contact: http://hubiesounds.com/contact/

Evil Presidentes - Endtroducing...The Ramp Show Vol. 7 (Sides A & B)

You have been teleported into a 8-bit Atari computer game called 'Chasing the Sun'. Your engine is revved up and you're under the starting gun of a race in the sunshine complete with its own soundtrack. You clench your red, white & blue leather driving gloves on the wheel as the digital clock ticks down. The crowd roar and move in strange blocky formations. A big gold coin on a tropical island awaits the winner as the clock counts down.......Go!!!

[side A]
1. Introduction: Black Celebration
2. After Hours Run – Mitch Murder
3. Story of the Running Wolf (Lost Years Remix) – Stratospheric
4. Wolf – Powercut
5. Chase – Cartridge 1987
6. Wunderbar (Le Hammond Inferno Romantic Mix) – Jeans Team
7. Broken Dreams – Nightcrawler
8. So Blinded (Lost Years Remix) – Furns
9. Short Circuit – Daft Punk
10. Get Up Stand Fresh (End of Summer Mix) – Franklean
11. Head Over Heels (Fingerman Edit) – Tears For Fears
12. Virtual Reality (A Space Love Adventure Remix) – Mach Rider
13. Death Wish – A Space Love Adventure
14. Arrival (Mitch Murder Remix) – Lazerhawk
15. Feel The Air – Mitch Murder ft. Kristine
16. Problems D’Amour (Alkalino Edit) – Alexander Robotnick
17. The Promise (Dynamicron Word Edit) – When In Rome
18. Daybreak – Mitch Murder  

[side B]
1. Heading South (Nite Sprite Mix) – Mitch Murder
2. Stop, Drop & Roll It (Mitch Murder Remix) – Ghosthouse
3. Just Till Midnight – Mitch Murder ft. Miranda Carey
4. Spin – Robert Parker
5. Al Naafiysh (DJ Butcher Edit) – Hashim
6. Lotus – Robert Parker
7. Into The Void – Robert Parker
8. Starworshipper (Mitch Murder Remix) – Futurecop! Ft. Diana Gen
9. Savage – Mitch Murder
10. Turbo Interceptor – Quixotic
11. The Perfect Kiss (Sample Gee Reconstruction) – New Order
12. Abruzzo Hills – Apollo Zapp
13. In The News (Nite Sprite Future Drive Remix) – Mitch Murder
14. Summer Of Heat – Mitch Murder ft. Kristine
15. Crossing Borders – Plaisance
16. Lightweight – Freeweights
17. Shocking Facts - Quasars
18. I Ran (So Far Away) – A Flock Of Seagulls


14 July 2015

Public Enemy - Say It Like It Really Is (Rory Hoy Remix)

Hey everybody! Here is a rare unreleased remix I did for a competition some time ago of one of my favourite bands, Public Enemy - Yyyyeaaahhh Bboooyyyyyeeeee!!!

11 July 2015

Electro Groove Monkey @ Full Fat (Milk Bar Reading 04.04.15)

A funky session at Milk Bar (Reading), opening for Lebrosk and Dr B.

Chris Karns - I Live For the Funk: A Live Mix

For all my B-boy's and Funk heads! Subscribeto my podcast to get all my mixes: djvajra.podomatic.com - or search DJ Vajra's Podcast in iTunes

Fatboy Slim - Live @ The Volt Festival 2015 (Hungary)

Rhino Soulsystem - Pastime Pearls (Mixtape)

Woz Guestmix - Sinden Kiss Fm

Redlight - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix


Lebrosk - Summer 2015 Milk Bar Mix (House / Funk mix)

With summer kicking in I thought I'd put together a summer house style mix perfect for those afternoons in the sun. The kind of tunes you can hear at our Full Fat nights in Milk Bar in Reading...

Please feel free to share, tweet, blog and all that other good stuff!

Coupe Da Ville - TCTS
Inferno - J Boogie & Dutronic Science
Liquid Spirit (Claptone remix) - Gregory Porter
Let You Know (Odjbox remix)- Kingfisha
Burnin - Bloody Tadi
Fly Beat - Sharam Jey
Come Get All That Jazz - DJ Vapor
Funk - Purple Disco Machine
Baby I Got That (Justin Martin remix) - Bondax
Cuchara de Baile Caliente (Philou Louzolo Remix) - SoulMetricSystem
Finder - Ninetoes
Summertime - unknown
You Give Me Butterflies - Justin Jay
Feels like it should - GT & Wildfire

BigBeatTastic with Rory Hoy - Episode 09

For those who missed it last night, here is Episode 09 of my radio show, BigBeatTastic for Digitally Imported Radio USA. - Don’t expect a DJ mix where I play nothing but disposable EDM of the moment from the past 2 weeks, but expect a diverse range of music past and present - A BIG range of BEATs if you will! (https://www.mixcloud.com/RoryHoy/bigbeattastic-with-rory-hoy-episode-09-first-broadcast-july-10th-2015/)

1 July 2015

Freestyers - Rude Bwoy Summer Mix 2015

Sun is shining, temperature is through the roof, Summer is officially here and the vibes are dutty.

Fresh from the fields of Glastonbury, Freestylers drop a new Summer mix to promote their forthcoming single on Instant Vibes ‘Rude Bwoy’ - a collaboration with Major Lazer artists and Dancehall’s hottest act RDX. Sub-woofer smashing, rib cage rattling, Freestylers 'Rude Bwoy'

Summer Mix showcases the current sound of Freestylers. Jam packed with Summer vibes, the roots run deep in this mix. Grab it for free download now rude bwoys and gyals.