26 July 2014

Breakdown Radio - July 2014

Breakdown Radio July 2014 
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 The Breakdown Chart : 

 8) Ri Ra - Sound - Promo http://tinyurl.com/o3ta38t 

 7) Fat Feddys Drop – Roady – Sammy Senior RMx – Promo http://tinyurl.com/mzawo8o 

 6) Dusty Tonez - Nod Ya Head – Bulabeats Records http://tinyurl.com/ma3wkkv 

 5) RHCP – AeroPlane – Yum Cha Rmx – Promo http://tinyurl.com/mol76ec 

 4) Bobby C Sound Tv – Number one - Promo http://tinyurl.com/k8upndj 

3) Bondi Stereo – Funk Style – Scour Records http://tinyurl.com/l3lu3tv

 2) JOhnnypluse & The Storm Troopers of love – The 135 Rinka – Bulabeabeats Records http://youtu.be/32wgPZPX4q0 

 1) Dave Remix – 99 Beats – Promo http://tinyurl.com/o5btwzj 

 Thanks for your Ears  
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 A Bulabeats Production 2014

Ramp Show: Fresh Pickings #12

Special mention to soundcloud.com/bluntinstrument who have decided to call it a day. Thanks guys for some amazing tracks and remixes over the last few years. I for one will miss that unique sound!

But the music goes on with the freshest picks from the hiphopallotment. Good vibes : )

...and check out this month’s Choice Cuts featuring soundcloud.com/late_knight here... soundcloud.com/paddyoxford/ramp-show-late-knight


Djitzinas - And Take Your Money
Jumanji Sound - Soul Brother #1
Beat Fatique - Whoopi Funkberg
Jurassic 5 - Linguistics (DJ Sensible & DirtyBertie Re-work)
Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogies (Kovary Moombah Edit)
Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogies (JR.Dynamite Re-edit of Kovary's Edit)
Prince - Musicology (Bruno Borlone & Boogie Mike Remix)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Aeroplane (Yum Cha Remix)
James Brown vs. Busta Rhymes - Busta Brown (Amerigo Gazaway Mash)
The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian (Skeewiff & Sammy Senior Remix)
Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People (Mr Rich & The Caretaker Edit)
Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People (Leygo Remix)
Blunt Instrument - Traffic Fines
Blunt Instrument - Double Parked
The Bark Kays - Shake Ya Rump to Tha Funk (Skeewiff Re-wiff)
DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down for What (DJ DUBra Remix)
The Commodores & Bobby C vs Beastie Boys - Machine Gun Ladies (Dastardly Kuts Mash)
The Commodores - Machine Gun (Shaka Re-funk)
Conte Crux - Without Your Love
Groove Armada - Get Down (JaPetto Remix)
JBrown & The Mic Smith - Like This (T.Rice's Rollerboogie Edit)
Vanessa Contenay - Bon Bon Bon
Kailo feat. Aela Kae - Need Ya
MadColour - Set My Soul on Fire

Coming soon... hearthis.at/mK3RWMC2/

Krafty Kuts - Krafty Thre3style Mix 2014

We're hyped to announce the newest Red Bull Thre3style World Finals judge... KRAFTY KUTS! 

Check out this exclusive Krafty Thre3style Mix... and Baku, prepare yourself!


Fatboy Slim – 6 Mix (2014-07-18)

Download the set here: 

23 July 2014

Ramp Show: Late Knight (Choice Cuts Series)

Boom! Yes yes, this is a mix and an ‘alf : )

We’re getting down to some seriously funky business with one of my favourite DJs this year...soundcloud.com/late_knight!

Following on from the wicked ‘10 minute Tuesdays!’ series as well as an assortment of tasty re-funks and mashups this is an absolute corker of mix.

Check more vibes...

Enjoy : )

Track List:
1. Lou Johnson - The Beat (Ali B Edit)
2. Illegal Cookin DJs - Brixton Brooks
3. Nas - Made You Look (Odjbox Remix)
4. DJ Groovecellar - Funky California Fanfare Refreshed Groove
5. Daigo - Turn It Up
6. Rufus Thomas - Fried Chicken (Slynk Remix)
7. WBBL - Around U
8. The Funk Hunters & DJ Wood - Nasty
9. Tom Booze - Get Off Yo Ass
10. Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People (Mr Rich and the Caretaker Edit)
11. DJ LBR & Big Ali  - Real Party (Slynk Remix)
12. Camp Lo & Soopasoul  - Hustlin' Black Nostal Jack (Steely Chan's Blender Mash)
13. The Bamboos vs Dj Vadim  - Golden Rock (Basement Freaks B-Boy Mush Up)
14. Tom Booze - Never Knew
15. Crazy Daylight - Disco Violence (Olux Remix)
16. Tonic - The Way
17. Howla - Dont Stop!
18. SkiiTour - The Program
19. Beastie Boys - Root Down (Cyclist Disco DJ Mix)
20. Dr Dre - Next episode (Neon Steve VIP)
21. Tonic - Informer
22. Busta feat The Spank - Badboy Jammin’
23. Stickybuds & Featurecast - 3-6-9
24. DJ Agent 86 - All About The Money (Instrumental)
25. Mr.G - Money Happen’n

Check out the freshest tracks from the past few months at soundcloud.com/paddyoxford as well as loads more tasty musical goodness right here at ramp-shows.blogspot.co.uk/

22 July 2014

Evil Presidentes - Endtroducing...The Ramp Show Vol. 5

01. Hidden - SnK & Snaf
02. Indeep and Dance - Way
03. Beast Day (Dj Agent 86 Edit) - Marsha Hunt
04. Balkan Express - Gramatik
05. Blue Crystal (Instrumental) - Skeewiff
06. Ain't Nothing But The Blues (Mojo Filter Remix) - Son of Dave
07. I Just Can't Help Myself (No Rulz Rolled-Out Rework) - Sweet Daddy Floyd
08. Can't Stop This (Jem Stone Remix) - Rennie Pilgrem
09. Soho's Bad Habit - DJ Rebel
10. Hey Ciao Tu (The Reflex Retouch) - Pino d'Angio
11. Thursday Night - Afrolicious
12. Love Step - Will Magid
13. Futures/Swing (Hugo Kant Remix) - Zero 7
14. La Femme de Duke - The Duke Spirit vs Air
15. Roads - Portishead
16. Teardrop - Massive Attack
17. Why Is It I Spend The Day? - Monocrome
18. No More Pain - SomehowArt
19. Royals Symphony - Lorde vs The Verve
20. Ritual Union (Adski Remix) - Little Dragon
21. Sexyflap - Jem Stone Remix
22. Dance With You (Chrispop Discoballs) - Timothy Wilson
23. Walkman Music (JR Dynamtie Edit) - Kasso Ft. J-Live
24. Mae Kha Som Tam (Dj Kid Stretch B-boy Edit) - Onuma Singsiri
25. Gyere Fogd Meg A Kezem (Dj Kid Stretch B-boy Edit) - Atlas
26. Contact (Shimi Sonic Remix) - Brigid Bardot
27. The Entertainer - Sine Sickness

21 July 2014

Hot Cakes EP promo mix for Lady Waks Show

Click here to download the mix:

Get the Jurassik tracks now on Beatport!

Full tracklist:

Matchbox Orchestra - Juice (Sup Yo!)
Hannah Wants - Kneadin' (Dirtybird)
Jurassik - Burning (Hot Cakes)
Jaco Garner - This My Ish (Hot Cakes)
Deekline - Sound of Music (Hot Cakes dub)
Tony Quattro - The Sound (Trouble & Bass)
Stanton Warriors - Jerk That (Mafia Kiss mix) (Punks)
Deekline - Clap Your Hands (Tony Quattro mix) (Hot Cakes dub)
Pirate Jams - I Want You (Punks)
Panda - Rewind (Sounds of Sumo)
Tessela - Gateway (Jurassik's More Beats edit) (Dub)
Pirate Jams - Treat You Right (Punks)
Jurassik - Fyah (Hot Cakes)
Jurassik - Hit Dat VIP (Hot Cakes)
Jus Now - Tun Up (Dismantle mix) (Gutterfunk)
Jurassik - Boomshakalah (Hot Cakes)

WOMPCast 18th July 2014 - Bombastic Jam Megamix

In commemoration of the great label Bombastic Jam, I have thrown together a half hour mix of their best tunes. But that's after new Noisia, Dirty Dubsters, B-Side, Break, all sorts of good shiz.

Nick Thayer feat. Zoe Phillips - Crumbling Down [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Jus Now feat. Bunji Garlin & Stylo G - Tun Up (New York Transit Authority Remix) [3 Beat]
Urban Soul feat. Roland Clark - Brown James (original II Deep Mix) [Bomb Strikes]
DJ Maars - Boombap Fever [Riddim Fruit]
Ty - Let's Start (The Allergies Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Danny T feat. Parly B - Dreader Than Dread (Dirty Dubsters Remix) [Irish Moss Records]
Dutty Moonshine feat. Nano Sigo - Nano's Revenge [Rocstar]
Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate - Lady (F-Block Re-edit)
Mato - Around The World Dub [Stix]
Jamiroquai - Going Deeper (B-Side Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Cockney Nutjob - Get Up On Ya Feet (Phibes Remix) [Relative Dimensions]
Captain Flatcap feat. Kitten & The Hip - Blaze Up [Rocstar]
Beer Beer Orchestra - Ska Club
Beer Beer Orchestra - Rudo Duro
The Qemists - Stompbox [Ninja Tune]
Mob Tactics feat. Elephant Man - Crazy Hype (Mad Run) [Playaz]
Pleasure - Ace In The Hole [Playaz]
F-Block - Move Ya Feet [Dirty Dubster Digital]
Gentlemans Dub Club - High Grade (Vibronics Vocal Mix) [Ranking UK]
Noisia feat. Prolix - Asteroids [Vision]
My Nu Leng - Knowing (Break Remix) [Black Butter]
Optiv & BTK feat. Ryme Tyme - Blackjack [Virus]
Smokey Bandits - Showdown At Sunrise
Basement Freaks - Soul Men
Badboe & Basement Freaks feat. Georges Perin - Suck Up The Thrill
Basement Freaks & Timothy Wisdom - Loopback Brother
Smokey Bandits - Crackerjack
Icient Warrior - Sweat Like This
Panama Cardoon - Ritmo Salvaje
Howla - Had To Be You
The Spank! - Maracuja
Smokey Bandits - The Rooster (Samba Mix)
Basement Freaks - The Balkan Jam
Timothy Wisdom - Get Your Hands Up (DJ AKA Instrumental)
Basement Freaks feat. Georges Perin - Cash Money
Basement Freaks feat. Georges Perin - Cash Money (Stickybuds Remix)
Basement Freaks - Bootyfunk
Basement Freaks - Bootyfunk (Some DJ Remix)
Nynfus Corporation - Sergei Goes To Jamaica
Basement Freaks feat. Timothy Wisdom - Loopback Brother (Howla Remix)
Timothy Wisdom & Busta - Pound For Pound (JPod Remix)
The Spank! - Getting Things Done
Timothy Wisdom & Busta - Ready, Set, Party! (Lewd Behaviour Remix)
Timothy Wisdom & Busta - We Will Not Back Down (Beatsmith Remix)
Tim McVicar - For The Money (Busta Remix)
Basement Freaks - The Swingers Club
Smokey Bandits - Cattledrive
Palov & Panama Cardoon - Popcorn
Jayl Funk - We Got The Funk (J-Roc Remix)
Fuzzbox Inc feat. Greg Blackman - Party People (Fort Knox Five Remix)
Jayl Funk - Get Down On The Floor
Jayl Funk - We Got The Funk
Jayl Funk - We Got The Funk (Basement Freaks Remix)

See ya next time :)

The Armory Podcast - Qdup

We have a big week lined up for y'all on The Armory Podcast with two extremely talented artists making their Armory debuts! To get things started we're honored to have QDup (aka Jason Brown) of Fort Knox Recordings on the 1s and 2s. Press play. Get down.

Track List
1 The Young Punx X Shake - Harlem Breakdown (Qdup's off the cuff vocal edit)
2 A.Skillz & Nick Thayer - Drop the Funk
3 Tonbe - Robot Drivel
4 Holt Blackheath - Nuthin' but a G (House) Thang (Original Mix)
5 Wiseguys vs Jay Men - Ooh La La (Ursula 1000 Rework)
6 Wood Holly - Up Hands
7 Justin Martin - Buggin (dj version)
8 The Worldstylers - Kosher Beat (Qdup Remix)
9 Kirin Rider - That's My First
10 Worthy - Dip
11 The Martin Brothers - Duckface (U-Tern & Grandtheft Dip Edit)
12 Slamboree - Cheeky Peepers (Deekline Remix)
13 Stanton Warriors - Jerk That (Mafia Kiss Remix)
14 Machines Don't Care & Stanton Warriors - Beat Dun Drop (Top Billin party mix)
15 Philly Blunt - Real As Me
16 Whiskey Pete, BOXHEAVY - Snatch A Hoe (Curtis B VIP Mix)
17 K7 - Come Baby Come (DJ Hero Remix)
19 Diplo - Express Yourself (Party Favor 'Working Glue' Remix) [feat. Nicky Da B]
20 Cosmo Baker vs DJ Snake - Blow The Bird Whistle (Too $hort Bird Machine Bootleg)
21 Beauty Brain X Dj Nexxa - Fuck The Police
22 Jackal - Shakedown (Dreamer Retwerk)

Jason Brown (aka Jayclue) is Qdup, and has been making dance floors groove and butts move worldwide since late 2006. Over the years, Qdup has released top selling tunes and remixes on many well received labels including Bombstrikes, Fort Knox Recordings, Bombastic Jam, Goodgroove, Air, ESL Music, Royal Soul, MustBeat and his own Qdup Records imprint.

Having remixed the likes of Fort Knox Five, DJ Love, Thunderball, Basement Freaks, All Good Funk Alliance and Ursula1000 to name a few, Qdup has garnered a spot as one of the most in demand artists for remixing friends of funk and breaks. Also known for his party mashing exclusive edits and re-rubs, he has gained a following via some of the webs hottest blogs, dropping secret weapon DJ tunes.

As an established tastemaker, Qdup has been a contributor to the UK based Ghetto Funk blog since it's inception and has produced several tracks on their Icons series remix albums. 2013 saw Qdup break out on the summer festival scene in North America including Shambhala (Salmo, BC), BassCoast (Merritt, BC), Firefly Fest (DE, USA), Art Outside (TX, USA) and P.E.X. (MD, USA). With additional releases upcoming on Fort Knox Recordings, new collaborations, remixes, free downloads and DJ mixes in the works, 2014 is lining up to be a busy year for Qdup.

For more information on Qdup visit:

MIXED BY Stanton Warriors (THUMP)


Route 94 - My Love (Freestylers ReFix) FREE TRACK!

Get your hands on this Exclusive Download from Freestylers. Enjoy the sounds. Love, Respect and Music Always The RM Team

Rory Lyons @ Beatherder July 2014

My DJ Set from Beatherder 2014 @ The Ring Stage...

Rory Lyons - Booty Mover Acapella
Soulwax - Animals
Shibba San - Animals
Hackney Parrott (Paul Woolford VIP Mix)
Rory Lyons & Doorly - Get Some
Friend Within & Disclosure - the Mechanism
Sia - Little Man (Wookie Remix)
Rory Lyons Vs Chris Lorenzo 21 Secs Booty
Duke Dumont - Wont Look Back
I Enter
Tiga - Bugatti
N r G - Right Before my Eyes
Rory Lyons & Doorly - le Pump
Wookie - Neighbourhood
Rory Lyons - Schall
Rory Lyons - Burnin Up
NY Transist Authority - 95
Solid Groove - This Is Sick (Eats Everything Re Rub)
R Kelly - Bump n Grind
Armand Van Helden - Ski Hard (Rory Lyons & Doorly Remix)
Justin Martin - Harpy
DJ Luck -A little bit of Luck
Zinc - Go Dj
Rory Lyons - Shake Ya Mama
Black Sabath - War Pigs
Organ Donor
Cassette Jam - Hey Homo (Jag Skills Booty)
Beanie Man - Sim Simmer
The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop
QotSA - No One Knows
Zinc - Ready or Not
Dinlinja - Grimey
Rory Lyons Feat Utah Saints - 5 on It

Drumattic Twins - Promo Mix 2004

Lanx and Nick Slater, aka the Drumattic Twins, have been a leading force in dance music since they first began touring over 20 years ago. Making their name as Shades of Rhythm, they ruled the early nineties rave scene with legendary anthems ‘Sweet Sensation’, ‘Sound of Eden’, ‘Extacy’ and ‘Homicide’ and performed with the likes of The Prodigy and N-Joi.

Since rebranding themselves as the Drumattic Twins in 1997, Nick and Lanx quickly replicated this global notoriety thanks to massive hit tracks ‘Feelin Kinda Strange’ ‘Twister’ and ‘HyperSpeed’. They teamed up with the legendary release platform Finger Lickin Records in 1999 and settled quickly into the close-knit world of the breakbeat scene, working alongside global acts such as Plump DJs, Soul of Man and Lee Coombs.

From a string of releases from 1999 starting with top the selling "Feeling Kinda Strange" till late 2013 with their "Get Up and Dance EP" on Sugarbeat Records and 2 full length albums inbetween the Drumattic Twins have laid down a variety of music that have influenced the Breaks Scene and shaped it in to what it is today.

Deekline - Summer Bass Mix July 2014

Rory Hoy Live @ The Official Tour De France Fan Park, Harrogate (July 5th 2014)

20,000 People 
1 Big Beat Party 

 Hi everyone - here is the set I did at the Official Tour De France Fan Park on The Harrogate Stray on July 5th 2014. I played this 45-minute uptempo party set to an enthusiastic crowd of over 20,000 People and it was one of the greatest gigs of my career to date. 

You can watch a clip of the set here 

Watch out for a very familiar voice in Dance Music at the beginning of the mix!

20 July 2014

Lebrosk - Audiology Podcast #3

After a couple months off my Audiology Podcast for the Life Support Machine blog is back !

Life Support Machine blog

Please feel free to share, blog, post, tweet and all that other good stuff !

I Feel Good – The REFLEX
Been Singing Too Long – Tom Booze
Shock Rollin – The Funk Hunters and CMC&Silenta
Robot Drivel – Tonbe
Can you Handle it? – Cut La Roc
Delight – Jamie Berry Ft. Octavia Rose
Charlie Chazz & Rappin Ralph – Duck Sauce
Frontin’ (Disclosure Rework) – Pharell
Hum Hum (Daniel Fernandes remix) – Sharam Jey & Loulou Players
2 Live Party – Ania Iwinska
Puppet – Sacha Robotti & Kevin Knapp
Heard it like This (Freerange DJs Refunk) – Chad Tyson
Beats Y’all (FTW remix) – Blunt & Black
Aerosol Can (Jackal remix) – Major Lazer
Something Goin On (Skapes & SPX remix) – Tod Terry & Loop Da Loop
What you do (Howson’s Groove remix) – Boaen

9 July 2014

Rory Hoy's Season Of Funk Episode 12

Here is Episode 12 of my semi-regular podcast series, 'Season of Funk' - Another funky electathon from myself featuring a BIG range of BEATs - hope you all enjoy it!

3 July 2014

Ramp Show: Fresh Pickings #11

Fresh picks and seasoned classics from the hiphopallotment. Good vibes : )

...and check out this month’s Choice Cuts featuring @mrbristow here... Paddyoxford – Ramp-show-mr-bristows-booty-bonanza-mix

Nobodi da Vinylist - Skratcher's Groove
Copycat - It's On!
Friskie Business - Good Day
Tom Showtime - Dancefloor Seasoning
Nobodi da Vinylist - The Funky Sound
Morlack - Bodyrock (Kenny Beeper Remix)
DJ LBR & Ali - Real Party (Slynk Remix)
Featurecast - Finger Lickin'
The Black Seeds vs. Inspectah Deck - Fire (Defunk Remix)
Eddie Shinn - Box of Happiness
Public Enemy - Get Up Stand Up (Tonic Remix)
DJ Detta & DJ B-Side vs. Terror Squad - Paper Jam/Lean Back (Dave Remix’s Paper Back Mashup)
DJ Daigo - Clubproof
DJ Groovecellar - Can You Hear the Breaks?
Public Enemy - Bring the Noise (Mr P & Plastik's Bring tha Funky Bass Re-fix)
A Skillz - Good Music
Howla - Horns & Hussies
Skeewiff - Pokey Smokey (Kenny Beeper Remix)
Phibes vs. Ugly Duckling - Something's Going Down Tonight
Lady Sovereign - Get Random (T.Rice Edit)
Pizzaman - Happiness (Skeewiff Remix)

Check out loads more tasty musical goodness at:


Ramp Show: Mr Bristow's Booty Bonanza Mix

It’s summer, the sun is shining, the BBQs are sizzling, the drink is flowing, it’s World Cup season...surely it doesn’t get any better..? You better believe it does!

With several unbelievable releases this year bringing the funk and good times back I am thrilled that @mrbristow has laid down a gem of a mix for your enjoyment!

Definitely my top discovery of this year please check out @mrbristow’s amazing sounds including ‘Raise Yo Hands’ (on the Bring Back the Funk Vol. 2 EP from Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, www.beatport.com/track/raise-yo-h…inal-mix/5393431), ‘Jungle Soul’ (on Tasty Beats Vol. 2 on Tru Funk, monkeyboxing.com/content/tru-funk…nner-video-edit/) and the majestic ‘My Life’ EP feat. Benny Silver (www.junodownload.com/products/mr-br…ep/2397323-02/).

This should get your toes tappin’ and put a big phat grin on your face : )

Track List

Mr Bristow feat. Benny Silver – My Life (Tom Showtime Remix)
Aldo Vanucci feat. Kylie Auldist – Get a Hold on This
Warp 9 – Astro Disco (Remix)
Eric B and Rakim – I know You Got Soul (Acapella)
Mr Bristow – Raise Yo Hands (Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)
FunkStatik – Sayin' Something
Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It
Howla – My Friend Moe (Ghetto Funk Presents)
Cockney Nutjob – The Django Factor
Bob Marley – Could This Be Love (Krafty Kuts Remix)
Jimi Needles – Knightrider Superstar (v1)
Beardyman – Beard Funk Jam
Slynk – Dance Across the Bass
Mr Bristow & Benny Silver – Get Lively (forthcoming on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)

Check out the freshest tracks from the past few months at @paddyoxford as well as loads more tasty musical goodness at ramp-shows.blogspot.co.uk/