30 April 2016

Funky Mosquito Burning Disco Boogie Seventy-Too (The Big Nu-Disco Paarty)

Hi party people. I'm proud to present you Funky Mosquito's latest party work.

Ideal to start a party. It begins with some down beats, then a risky funky mosquito mashup with Gramatik vs Michael Jackson and going into the disco part and getting up the beat slowly vom 100 bpm to the disco-beat with 120 bpm.

Then going on with some remixes and re-edits of Michael Jackson, Marlena Shaw and Minnie Riperton. Later on fading in with Roy Ayers classic - Love will bring us back together and then starting the party with som club classics like Sharam Jey - Fly Beat, a nu p-funk remake of Funkadelic with Kendrick Lamar and the going definitively into the souly house including a megamix of Moodymann - Shades Of Jae. Enjoy the party and let's dance with these cool grooves.

Including songs of DJ Moar, Gramatik, Michael Jackson, The Jackson Five, Marlena Shaw, Minnie Riperton, Roy Ayers, Sharam Jey, Funkadelic feat Kendrick Lamar, Crown Heights Affair, Moodyman, Letta Mbulu and many more.

With remixes and re-edits of DJ Moar, Young Pulse, The Reflex, KS French, DJ Vas, The Revenge, Shaka Loves you.

Further infos and more funky mixes you can find under facebook:


01) Funky Mosquito Intro - How y'all feel, Tarzan make me feel so gut (0:20)
02) DJ Moar - Back in a Day (2:27)
03) Gramatik - Just Jammin' (6:30)
04) Gramatik vs Michael Jackson - Just Jammin rockin' Robin (Funky Mosquito Mashup Mix) (2:08)
05) Michael Jackson - I Wanna Be Where U Are (Young Pulse Re-Edit) (5:54)
06) Marlena Shaw - California Soul (feat. Ya Boy) (Lincoln Lawye Re-Edit) (3:10)
07) Toomy Disco - Outstanding (6:32)
08) The Reflex - A-B-C (7:00)
09) Minnie Riperton - Baby this love I have (A Young Pulse Rework) (8:38)
10) KS French - Need You (4:36)
11) KS French - Dancin With My Love (5:47)
12) Roy Ayers - Love Will Bring Us Back Together (DJ Vas Rework) (6:21)
13) Nordstorm - Gettin Wit It (5:59)
14) DJ Moar - Come On Baby (5:32)
15) Sharam Jey - Fly Beat (Original Mix) (4:37)
16) Funkadelic feat Kendrick Lamar - Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard On You? (Louie Vega Remix) (10:10)
17) Crown Heights Affair - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (DJ Vas Rework) (5:12)
18) Mam - Modern Heat (5:36)
19) La Tuerie - Jenny (7:13)
20) Shaka Loves You - Make It Last (5:27)
21) DJ Vas - Tell Me (5:15)
22) Adana Twins & Robosonic - La Fique (7:22)
23) C Da Afro - My Disco Moves (5:19)
24) J Paul Getto - No Doubt About It (Doug Willis Partytime Edit) (6:21)
25) Moodymann - Shades Of Jae (6:56)
26) Moodymann - Kenny Dixon Jr-Shades of Jae Part 2 Arta 'Miami Induced' Rework (7:02)
27) Moodymann - Shades of Jae (Bise Re-Edit) (2:39)
28) Johnny Fiasco - Yolo (6:49)
29) Diego Rey - End of Night (9:15)
30) Letta Mbulu - Kilimanjaro (The Revenge Edit) (6:05)
31) Sound Stream - Bass Affairs (7:24)

Big thanxs to all the artists, the re-editers and remixers for the soul, the groove and good taste in music:)

21 April 2016

Rory Hoy's "Step Into The Sun" Mixtape!

To celebrate the release of my new single “Step Into The Sun” featuring South Africa’s Lu Chase, which is now available on iTunes and all other good download sites - here is a very special mixtape done as a very special “thank you” to everyone who has bought and supported my new single - Enjoy! 

 If you haven’t bought it already - here is the iTunes link to “Step Into The Sun” 


19 April 2016

The Beat-Pimp: Pimpology Vol 10

If y’all don’t know what this ‘GHETTO FUNK’ business is all about, You will do after being slapped silly by a truckload of filthy basslines and punchy beats, and sent whizzing down a helter-skelter into a magical wonderland of good ol’ FUNKY BEATS, From madness to badness to goodness to…gracious me......Check the vibe with my man the Beat Pimp : )

Track List

1 C.R.E.A.M - Green Lantern & Wu Tang (Featurecast Edit)
2 Lets Go - Crash Party (feat JFB)
3 Move Ya Feet - Crash Party
4 Premier Banger - Featurecast
5 Renegade Master - Wildchild (Electro Gorilla Regroove)
6 Turn The Party Out - Crash Party
7 Thrift Shop - Mickael Wills Bootleg (Featurecast Edit)
8 Party Groove Banger - Featurecast
9 Gangstas N Honeys - Phibes
10 Getting Funky Round Here - Phibes
11 Real Hip Hop - Phibes
12 Bootleg Brass - Stepcat
13 Bust That Rhythm - Phibes
14 Belong To You - Phibes
15 999 - Featurecast
16 Guns Up - Chali 2na The Funk Hunters Mix (Feat Damian Marley)
17 Anticipate Nothing - Featurecast

9 April 2016

Funky Mosquito Big Nu Funkee Beats Fivty (Best of Funky Glitch Hop One)

This Mix is an unique collection of today's craziest glitch hop soundpieces - enjoy it !
Big listening pleasure wishes you "le moustique qui pique" : )

Further infos and more funky mixes you can find under facebook:

01) Funky Mosquito Intro - JLabs - NYECountdown (0:46)
02) DJ Wood - Sky High (Original Mix) (3:58)
03) Stevie Wonder - Ain't No Superstitious (Basement Freaks Bass Edit) (2:19)
04) Beat Fatigue - Funky Borderline (Original Mix) (4:55)
05) Crazy Daylight - Do You Like Dancing (Original Mix) (3:54)
06) Stickybuds - Easy (feat Greg Blackman - Original Mix) (5:00)
07) Cut La Roc - Sunday Morning People (Herbgrinder Remix) (4:09)
08) Sicktune - Trickery (Royal Blood Remix) (3:30)
09) Funkanomics - Frida Funk (Original Mix) (5:34)
10) Pyramyth - Dolphin Talk (Original Mix) (4:13)
11) Skope - Get On Up (Original Mix) (3:40)
12) Funkanomics - Get Up & Run EP (Instrumental Mix) (5:19)
13) SpekrFreks & Melleefresh - Koochie Koo (Instrumental Mix) (3:47)
14) Access Denied - Funk You (Original Mix) (3:49)
15) K+ Lab/Stickybuds feat Laughton Kora/Bailey Wiley - Super Gravy (3:22)
16) Sicktune - Trickery (Beat Fatigue Remix) (5:25)

Big thanxs to all the crazy Glitch Hop Producers, the beat masters and noise killers for their groove and funk :