27 June 2014

Funky Mosquito Big Nu Funkee Beats Thirty-Seven (A. Skillz Tribute One)

 A.Skillz @a-skillz

Record label owner, producer and DJ extraordinaire, A.Skillz’ incredible deck talents fuse funk, soul and hip-hop with D'n'B and breaks, all sliced, mashed and cut together with a unique style of scratching and mixing. His reputation as a true party rocker has won him prime-time slots across the world at a ‘who’s who’ of major events

A. Skillz Tribute One - Tracklist:
01) Mosquito Intro - Tarzan Yell (0:06)
02) Krafty Skillz - Strawberry Jam Forever (3:46)
03) A. Skillz / The Beatles - Come together (A.Skillz Remix) (3:28)
04) A. Skillz - Twang Banger (4:11)
05) Krafty Skillz - Insane Banger (1:30)
06) Krafty Skillz - It's A Booty (2:56)
07) A. Skillz Vs Beatvandals - Beat Don't Stop (4:40)
08) A. Skillz vs Nick Thayer - Rock the Spot (3:44)
09) A. Skillz & Nick Thayer - Jungle Banger (4:34)
10) A. Skillz - California Soul (A.Skillz Remix) (3:56)
11) Otis Redding - Make It Easy (A.Skillz Remix) (3:25)
12) Public Enemy - Public Enemy (A. Skillz Remix - Afromode Re-Edit-Remix) (4:57)
13) Krafty Skillz - Music Sounds Fatter with U (4:10)
14) Krafty Skillz - Another One Bits (4:35)
15) A. Skillz vs Beatvandals - Blowin Up (3:44)
16) A. Skillz vs Beatvandals - Sunshine (4:35)
17) A. Skillz and Krafty Kuts - Gimme the Breaks (4:48)
18) A. Skillz - Think (It takes two) feat Lyn Collins (3:29)
19) A. Skillz, Lyn Collins, Midnight Oil - Beds Are Thinking (Zenit Incompatible Mash Up) (4:11)
20) James Brown - Sex Machine (A Skillz Rmx) (2:28)
21) A. Skillz - Poppa Soul (4:00)
22) A. Skillz vs Beatvandals - Funky Sounds (3:52)
23) A. Skillz Vs Beatvandals - Feelin Kinda Insane (3:38)
24) A. Skillz & Krafty Kuts - Bring Back The Funk (3:27)
25) A. Skillz and Krafty Kuts - Party in Central Park (feat. Dr. Luke) (4:05)
26) A. Skillz and Krafty Kuts - Peaches (feat. Droop Capone) (4:27)

24 June 2014

Freestylers - Love My Bass (Summer 2014 Mix)

Freestylers have been busy touring their trousers off, but found time to make you this mix just in time for Summer.

Fully loaded with bass laden bombs, all handpicked and chosen just for you. It features their upcoming release 'Love My Bass'

Bassfaces at the ready now!

Freestylers Ft. Fast Eddie - The Sound (Blapps Posse Remix)
Jay Robinson - Hyer
Route 94 Ft. Jess Glynne - My Love (Freestylers Bootleg Mix)
Freestylers - Love My Bass
Slyde - U Like It, We Love It
Tessela - Gateway (Jurassik's Beats Edit)
Pirate Jams - I Want You
Freestylers Ft. Laura Steel - Falling (Acapella)
Duck Sauce - NRG (Skrillex, Kill The Noise And Milo & Otis Remix)
Eptic - Danger (Habstrakt VIP)
Le Castle Vania - Raise The Dead (Nick Thayer Remix)
Wolfgang Gartner - Piranha
Pirate Jams - Treat Me Right
Alex Metric & Oliver - Hope
Jackal - Shakedown (Je Boogie Edit)
Stanton Warriors - Bring Me Down 2014
AC Slater - Donkey Shake
Clockwork - BBBS (GTA Remix)
Let's Be Friends - Only Time
Kove - Way We Are
Freestylers Ft. Tenor Fly - Dancehall Vibes

22 June 2014

Funky Mosquito Big Nu Funkee Beats Thirty-Six (Basement Freaks Tribute One)

This is my tribute mix to basement freaks and his nu-funk music:  Basement Freaks - aka George Fotiadis

If you've been paying any attention to the world of funky breakbeats then you've no doubt heard of Basement Freaks - the brainchild of George Fotiadis, a major force in the scene for well over ten years. Not only do his DJ sets elevate sold out crowds, he produces more music than almost any other DJ in the scene and is the label boss for the infamous label Bombastic Jam.


After more than 10 successful vinyl releases, 2 full albums, over 15 remixes and countless digital EPs, George has been called "The hardest working man in Funk". His music has been praised by MixMag, I-DJ Mag and even the Godfather of Nu-Skool Breaks - Rennie Pilgrem. In fact, every respectable funk DJ on the planet includes a Basement Freaks tune in their set.

George exploded into the world of breaks with his remix of Beggarman by Smoove and Turrell. Jalapeno records gotwind of this and sought out George to produce a follow-up album - "Something Freaky" - which has been played on BBC's Radio1 and written about in Knowledge Magazine.
His previous album - "Debut" - was part of his side project,Smokey Bandits, and showcases George's multitalented skills as he plays guitar, bass and drums. Since then, George has released music for Goodgroove, Wack,Breakbeat Paradise, ESL, Air Recordings, Bombstrikes and, of course, Bombastic Jam.

Further infos and more funky mixes you can find under facebook:

 Basement Freaks Tribute Tracklist:
01) Basement-Intro - Staber Shaft 17 F# (0:02)
02) Basement Freaks - Soul Men (4:22)
03) Basement Freaks - We Gonna Rock It (2:58)
04) Badboe and Basement Freaks VS. ODB & VA - CaliShaka (DJ PM2THEAM MASH) (2:46)
05) Basement Freaks - And Thats NuFunk (3:34)
06) Timewarp Inc - Dop Smoker (Basement Freaks Remix) (6:11)
07) Basement Freaks - Dancin' (feat Mustafa Akbar) (3:39)
08) Basement Freaks - Clap Ya Hands (3:15)
09) James Brown - Mind Power (Regrooved by Basement Freaks) (4:04)
10) Basement Freaks - Cash Money feat Georges Perin (2:49)
11) Valique - Kick Out Party (Basement Freaks Remix) (4:11)
12) Basement Freaks - BootyFunk (4:56)
13) Basement Freaks - Street Assassin (2:38)
14) Basement Freaks/Timothy Wisdom - Loopback Brother (Jayl Funk Remix) (3:41)
15) Basement Freaks - Going Out Tonight (3:31)
16) Basement Freaks - Insane Brains (4:18)
17) Basement Freaks - Spot On Phunk (3:50)
18) Busta feat Claire G - Take Control (Basement Freaks Remix) (2:55)
19) Hidden Riddim - Now You Know The Name (Basement Freaks Remix) (3:37)
20) The Bamboos vs Dj Vadim - Golden Rock (Basement Freaks B-Boy Mush Up) (2:53)
21) Basement Freaks - Hit The Flame (5:03)
22) Lagre Pro vs. Bad Monkeys & Basement Freaks - Hardcore Fan (3:16)
23) Basement Freaks - Something Freaky (Radio Edit) (3:00)
24) Kraak & Smaak - Forget About You (feat. Lee Fields) (Basement Freaks Remix) (3:41)
25) Basement Freaks - Nova Monkeys (Omegaman Remix) (4:33)
26) Basement Freaks - Soul Intoxication (4:22)
27) Dizzee Rascal vs Kool & The Gang - X Rated Holiday (DJ Angelo & Basement Freaks Mush Up) (4:52)
28) I.N.X.S - I Need You Tonight (Basement Freaks Edit) (3:42)
29) Basement Freaks - Get Down Boogie (Original Mix) (5:33)
30) Chic - Le Freak (Basement Freaks Edit) (3:20)
31) Basement Freaks - The Booty Jam (4:19)
32) Basement Freaks - Hot Beastie (4:18)
33) DJ Kid Stretch - Get Away (Basement Freaks Remix) (4:18)
34) Basement Freaks - No1 Fan (Basement Freaks Remix Instrumental) (4:56)
35) Basement Freaks (Bombastic Jam) - The Party Groove (4:05)

Big thanxs to Basement Freak for his great work, groove & funky stuff :)

18 June 2014

Rory Hoy's Desert Island DJ's - Pilot Episode (Doctor Hooka, Dean Barry Revell and Rory Hoy)

Hello, and welcome to a brand new Podcast series - Desert Island DJ’s with your host - Rory Hoy. In this show, we have stranded 3 DJ’s on a desert island, with only their 10 favourite tunes of all time on our battered turntable located in the dis-used Loco Coco nightclub.

Today's podcast features Top-10 Mixes from Ghetto Funk legend, Doctor Hooka, Up-And-Coming Rapper, Dean Barry Revell and Myself Rory Hoy. If this show proves to be successful, more episodes will be made in the future.

14 June 2014

Breakdown Radio - June 2014

 The Breakdown Chart : 

 8 ) The Police Message ina Bottle – Jimi Needles Reggae Mix – Promo http://tinyurl.com/pjs5pcw 

 7) Jurassic 5 – The Way We do it – Promo http://tinyurl.com/ogxuapp

 6) Jump N Move – Boby c Sound Tv Rmx -Promo http://tinyurl.com/q7xzxvx 

 5) Skope – Broken Soul – Adapted Records http://tinyurl.com/m4atxr6 

 4 ) Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb – Moombahteam Rmx – Promo http://tinyurl.com/k4yfrwf 

 3) DJ AKA vs Faul & Wad Ad & Pnau - Changes (DnB Bootleg) – Promo http://tinyurl.com/ncyc7o3 

 2) J Bostron - The Israelites - Yard Rock http://tinyurl.com/mkspnyr

 1) Deekline – Still Passin – Jungle Cakes http://tinyurl.com/llh4yqo

 Cheers.... A Bulabeats Records Production 2014 

Bulabeats Records : 

12 June 2014

Chad Tyson 'Heard It Like This' (Freerange Djs Re-Funk) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Proudly hailing from a county that is so backward that most peoples family trees look more like tumbleweeds, a thoroughbred trio of dedicated Cornish idiots have been quietly paving the musical way for their stalwart countryside kinsmen. 

Like the blind leading the blind the Freerange Djs have embarked on a chaotic adventure that is slowly leading to what must be one of the music industries most unorganised rises to fame on record. 
That said, their unorthodox methods have picked them up some noteworthy accolades along the way including 2 Mixmag 'Tune Of The Month's, releases on prestigious labels such as Skint Records and 470 real Twitter followers. 

The Freerange Djs have won lots of awards that are not really worth mentioning and narrowly missed out on some good ones too. 

With remix work for the mighty Stanton Warriors set for release imminently as well as a delightful summer festival season booked in including their favorites Glastonbury and Boomtown Fair, its looking like these modest idiots could be sailing the good ship Breakbeat at full speed towards some very prosperous rocks in the not too distant future……    
To prematurely celebrate their successes, the Freerange Djs have decided to give away their triple funky Re-Rub of Chad Tyson's "Heard It Like this" in order to provide you with the highest of vibes for the long summer of funk ahead. 
This could well be the most recklessly groovy record to invade your personal space in the whole of 2014. 

Not convinced?….. Just check out the video, its straight up voodoo channelling funk on wheels. 


4 June 2014

Rory Hoy's Season Of Funk - Episode 11

Here is Episode 11 of my podcast series, 'Season Of Funk' - today's episode is another 2-Hour Eclectathon featuring the likes of James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince, Nirvana, Pharrell, Amy Winehouse and others mixed with the funkiest House and Breakbeats. Watch out in this mix for a preview of my upcoming single 'City Life' featuring the amazing Hayley McKay out later this year on Tall House Digital.

3 June 2014

Lebrosk - The Armory Podcast (038)

This week in The Armory we're pleased to feature the funky and diverse musical stylings of Lebrosk (aka James Glenton). Press play. Get down.

The year was 1996 and a young, wide-eyed James Glenton was first introduced to dance music after a wrong turn at Knebworth Festival led him away from Oasis and into the electronic embrace of The Chemical Brothers. Four years later and with his trusty student loan burning a hole in his wallet, James walked sheepishly into his first record shop and bought his first piece of vinyl. Since that fateful day, 
James quickly set about getting his hands on a dusty pair of 1210s and after a few years of trainwrecks, has since been seen bouncing around as Lebrosk playing behind the decks of countless clubs, boats, warehouses and festivals both in the UK and across Europe.

After a 3 year stint as radio presenter on renowned Breakbeat radio station Ramp FM, James took over as station manager on the revamped Ramp Shows Blog and has established himself as someone with a keen ear for new music and a passion for discovering cutting edge new artists.

Track list
1. Intro - Lebrosk
2. Just Wanna - Lebrosk
3. Turn it Up (Lebrosk 'Mashed Up edit') - dj Daigo
4. Lightnin Rod (Rhythm Scholar remix) - Sport
5. Bang Bang Boogie - Lebrosk
6. Party People - Voodoocuts
7. Papa's New Hot Bag ('Lebrosk slightly mashed' edit) - Phunk Sinatra
8. Bringing the Boom Back! - Lebrosk
9. Back in Love ('Lebrosk slightly mashed' edit) - D-Funk
10. Feel 4 It - Sharam Jey
11. Doin' Ya Thang - Oliver $
12. Fab Freddy Said (Peter Horrevorts Remix) - Jay C
13. Move Or Not - Purple Disco Machine
14. Never Knew (Cut up edit) - Tom Booze
15. Let Me Clear My Throat (Party Favor Re-Twerk) - DJ Kool
16. Drop it Like its Bubble Gum (Danny Diggz Twerk Bootleg) - Snoop Dogg vs Jackal
17. Just Want Juice - Flavours
18. Breakadawn (Altered Tapes Rework) - De La Soul
19. The Geek X Vrv - Legend

For more information on Lebrosk visit:

Janette Slack- FLY HK Slack Is Back (April 2014)

My official 'Slack Is Back' party held at Fly in Hong Kong.

TRACKLIST (will be filling in more details soon)
1. Block Rockin' Girls
2. Montana's Mistake
3.Nobody - Tjamo
4.Not Gonna Stop - Stupid fresh & steller MC (malo mix)
5.Phonetrack - DJ Dan
6.Insane In The Membrane - Cypress Hill
7. Harlem Shake - neon Steve mix
8. Fierce - Azelia Banks - Mafia kiss mix
9. 50, 000 Watts -
10.Renegade - Friend Within
11. Take Me Up
12. Gold Dust -
13. Hottsteppa - William Breakspear
14. Word Up - Cameo (Howla Remix)
15.Supertitious - Stevie Wonder
16. Tricknology - Askillz & Krafty Kuts
17. Drop The Funk - Nick Thayer & Askillz
18.Llama Pimp - Howla
19. Good Thymes - Ray Charles (opiuo mix)
20. Oh My God - beatie boys - Featurecast mix
21.Kick It - Bside
22. Rockin' Til I Retire - Joan Jett - DjTwister mix
23. Think - Aretha Frankilin - Askillz mix
24. My Life - Bside Mix
25. House of Pain -
26. Jungle Boogie -
27. Rock Ya Body - Featurecast
28. Happiness -
29. Tip Up Ya Cup- Askillz
30. Deadringer -Askillz & Nick Thayer
31. Blue Monday - Bside mix
32. Back In Black - AC/DC
33. Whole lotta Sex machine - james Brown
34. Hey Girl Hey Boy - Chemical Brothers
35. Rope - Foo Fighters Deadmua5 mix
36.These Boots were made for Walkin - SMOV
37. Ray's Road - SMOV
38. New York, New York - Frank Sinatra
39. Brightside of Life - Twister

2 June 2014

Paddy - Fresh Pickings #10 (May 2014)

Fresh picks and seasoned classics from the hiphopallotment! Good vibes : )

Check out this month’s Choice Cuts featuring @digitalslag here...

Common vs. Space Raiders - I Used to Love Dot (Chamber Mashup)
Mr Bristow - Raise Yo Hands
Steve Jones - Made You the King of Funk
The Easy Now Allstars - Represent Now
Missy Elliot - Pass that Dutch (Yum Cha Re-funk)
Jurassic 5 - The Way We Do It (Phibes Remix)
Chamber - Flip Like A Renegade
Rob Base & Dj E-Z Rock - Make it Hot (Nobodi da Vinylist Remix)
Major Lazer - Bubble Butt (DJ Deville Twerk Remix)
Sound Dimension vs. Bobby C Sound TV vs. DMX - Get it on the Floor (Ras Gass Edit)
Kenny Beeper - As Live As it Gets (Leygo Remix)
The Spank! - Getting Things Done (Crashgroove Remix)
Missy Elliot - She's A Bitch (Casey Beats Remix)
Sammy Senior feat. Ragga Twins - Meanie
J-Sound - On and On
Pleasure - Let's Dance (The Reflex Edit)
Etta James - Tell Mama (Copycat's Remix)
Conte Crux - Swipe the Funk
DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat (Funktomas Wobble Edit)
Phibes - As we Enter

Check out loads more tasty musical goodness at

Previous shows:

Bang 'n Mash - Glitchy Breaks - Rampshows #24 Mixed By DJ Sole Mate

We’re honoured to have DJ Sole Mate, hailing from Utrecht, do an exclusive podcast for us! 

100% Bang ‘n Mash style with fresh tunage and lost of funk. This mix is BBQ-friendly and comes with a hot drop guarantee. 

So listen and enjoy!

1. Jurassic 5 - The Way We Do It (Phibes Remix)
2. Some DJ & Mr Chombee - It's Summertime
3. Basement Freaks - Dancin' (feat. Mustafa Akbar)
4. Moby - Run On (WBBL remix)
5. Minoru - Ain't No Coolin'
6. Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly (Bruno Borlone & Boogie Mike Remix)
7. Lakeshore Drive - Two For The Crates
9. Wicked City - Sensation
10. Basement Freaks - Got That Funky Stuff (Tribute to Kool & The Gang)
11. Shaka Loves You - Party Like We Do
12. WBBL - Around U
13. Sammy Senior - I Feel Good
14. Lee Zamah - Frankie Beverly
15. Hotline Zero - Funk Off
16. Slynk - Jackson Jump Reconstruction
17. The Gaff - Under The Sun
18. Sun - On My Radio (Stickybuds & Mr. Bill Remix)
19. Bob James - Shamboozie (B-Side edit)
20. B-Side & Detta - Dance To The Drummer
21. Shaka Loves You - Shaka's Tambourine (MrG remastered & blended)
22. WARSON - Louder
23. Lack Jemmon - Hello World, Hello Lorde
24. Ray Charles - I Got A Woman (Father Funk Remix)
25. Toots & The Maytals - Hard to Handle (Stickybuds Remix)
26. Fatboy Slim - Praise You (Kovary nu jump up booty)
27. Pharrell Williams - HAPPY (NEUS remix-Bobby C SOUND TV edit)
28. J-Sound Spinforth & The Fritz - Feelin' Happy
29. Howla - Horns & Hussies
30. Jean Tonique - Dynomite Strikes Back (Bobby C Sound TV edit)