DJ Profiles

The year was 1996 and a young, wide-eyed James Glenton was first introduced to dance music after a wrong turn at Knebworth Festival led him away from Oasis and into the electronic embrace of The Chemical Brothers.  Four years later and with his trusty student loan burning a hole in his wallet, James walked sheepishly into his first record shop and bought his first piece of vinyl. Since that fateful day James quickly set about getting his hands on a dusty pair of 1210s and after a few years of trainwrecks, has since been seen bouncing around as Lebrosk playing behind the decks of countless clubs, boats, warehouses, cardboard boxes, squat-raves and festivals both in the UK and across Europe. 

After a 3 year stint as radio presenter on renowned Breakbeat radio station Ramp FM, James took over as station manager on the revamped Ramp Shows Blog and has established himself as someone with a keen ear for new music and a passion for discovering cutting edge new artists.

Dan Wilde
Producer, DJ and Fierce Business Records boss, Dan Wilde, brings you ’Black Belt Jams’. An eclectic mix of classic and nu- funk, dappled with some old school hip hop and b-boy breaks, the odd slice of reggae mash and dubstep wobble…

Hailing from Cornwall in SW UK Dan has received international support from the likes of Craig Charles on BBC6 and Francesco Adinolfi at RAI 2 in Italy, among others, plus a whole host of internet based radio stations and DJs in the scene.

Catch his show every 2nd Tuesday of the month right here at Ramp FM, or access his mixcloud page via the archive section, where you can go right back to part one.

Rory Hoy
I'm a Music Producer/DJ and Film Editor. In 2007, I signed a non exclusive record contract with Freddy Fresh's 'Howlin' Records' label (USA) and my first album 'Cosmic Child' - chillout and ambient breakbeats - was released worldwide in 2008. This has been very successful and is also being played on some American airlines and also in stores as backing music. My second album, "Standing On Dust" ,also on Howlin', was released in 2009, and one of the tracks "Right On Funk Jam" was broadcast on a PRS Dance Podcast. I also featured in the PRS "M" Magazine. One of my music tracks was included in the ‘Best Tracks of 2009’ on Craig Charles’ BBC Radio 6 Funk & Soul Show, and he plays my music on a regular basis.

Zenit Incompatible
Zenit Incompatible is one of the finest hungarian mashuppers. He’s a dj (since 1997), a mashup producer (since 2005), remixer, radioshow host, blogger, teacher at the European Sound & Light Academy, and also a journalist for hungarian Playboy Magazine.

Zenit is an indispensable guy in the hungarian funky breaks scene, but he never plays just the same: he’s familiar with breakbeat, drum ‘n bass, bigbeat, house, hiphop, triphop. latin, afrobeat, beat, jazz, swing and pop too.

Played in several european countries, his songs released by several record companies (like Booty Pirates and Budabeats), as several aliases (like “Son of a pitch”).

DJ Daigo
Funky Salad



Johnny Pluse
Bulabeats : Started by Irish Dj/ Producer JohnnyPluse in 2005 as an output for his hiphopy breaks stuff . He dropped his frist album “ Funky 5 Years Ago” at the end of 2005 , pressed 300 cds sold them from his local pub .. Bulabeats was born . Dj Obese was signed in 2008 and it all went south from then

He launched Bulabeats frist vinyl release “ The Ragga Thing ep” .It was on the Hard to Find Records best sellers chart for two months .

Bulabeats puts out nufunk , hiphop, ragga , dubwise , drum n bass dubstep .. Bascilly any thing on the funky , party , bassy tip. Our roster includes : JohnnyPluse , dj Obese , The Dirty Dubsters , Rory Hoy , and Dusty Tonez

Janette Slack
One of dance music's most charismatic young figures - London clubbers will be familiar with her turning up to gigs on her infamous roller skates - Janette is a breath of fresh air in the club scene (you can still find Doug 'Scratch' Pray's short film ‘Veer’ about her online). Sharp taste brings sexy, rolling breaks to meet energetic techy electro house with a progressive edge. Her funked up mashups combining the likes of Gwen Stefani to Run DMC, Jamie Lidell and Peaches have rocked nights on and off the dancefloor. And when she fires up Logic, her studio career and musical experience means she's far more than a bedroom producer and engineer.

As well as designers and musicians, Janette is also working on music with some of her favourite comedians and actors from Channel 4 and the BBC– but that's to be revealed later in 2011.

Breakbeat, Breaks, Big beat, Fidget, Baltimore, Ghetto, Funk, Dubstep, DNB, Electro (Bass Music)

Krafty Kuts, Plump DJs, Soulwax, 2ManyDJs, Stanton Warriors, A-Skillz, Crookers, Jack Beats, Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, Groove Armada, Pendulum, Noisia, Ursula 1000, Adam Freeland, etc.

Breakbeat Paradise Records
Breakbeat Paradise Recodings is a digital label founded in early 2006 by Boe Pedersen (Dj BadboE) and Kim Sørensen (Wiccatron).

The label originates from the music website Breakbeat Paradise that has been running since 1996. Breakbeat Paradise is dedicated to breakers and electronic musicians within the style of music that we can loosely term as breakbeat. Developing and improving this website over the last 10 years to include everything from visitor music sharing, annual breakbeat contests, samplekits and discussion forum. We felt that going into digital music distribution would be a natural next step.

AJ Manns
AJ Manns resides in Brooklyn, New York. His interests include film, photography, and DJing. The interest in DJing began when he listened to electronic music. He was first introduced to Fatboy Slim, when the popular track "The Rockefeller Skank" played in rotation on Radio Disney in 1999. Soon, he was listening to tunes from Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, The Wiseguys, Rory Hoy and others.

Telephunken is a Dj, Producer from Spain with 10 years releasing records and playing as Dj or with his band, all around the world.

Recently has released eps and remixes for Manmade, Big M Productions, Bombastic Jam, Pig Balls, Esl, Fort Knox recording etc.

Rhino Soulsystem
Dj Rhino Soulsystem is a Hamburg/Germany based Freestyle DJ. His career began 12 years ago, always focusing on various styles like Reggae, Nu Funk, Breaks, Drum and Bass and all Kind of Worldmusic.

Playing all over germany, had gigs with: lebrosk, manmade, pepe le moko soundsystem, javi frias (spain), polka soundsystem (Copenhagen), Quincy Jointz, Basement Freaks, Da Wiesel & Frequento, Mash & Munkee. Hosting a monthly show at ramp fm, presenting new comers, rookies and Kings of the scene.

Chudy comes from Gdansk, Poland. He started Djing in 2003 and since then has played in most of the best clubs in northern part of the country. In his sets, he mixes all the possible genres and subgenres of Funk, Disco and Breakbeat, including all the latest Mashups and any good bootie edits.

He is a member of Tru:Funk, playing at all the events organized by the crew. He is also a host of his very own Chudy Funkosol Radio Show on Ramp FM. His shows are, like his mixes, filled with funk, broken beats and positive energy.

Audio Infunktion
Musician, DJ, Producer, Radio host.

Rocked clubs around Europe (and Australia), and some festivals like: Sonar Festival (Barcelona), Berlin Film Festival (Berlin), Sarajevo Jazz Festival (Sarajevo), Tudo Beleza Festival (Budva), Oozee fest (Dubrovnik), VoiSa Festival (Brach) etc…

Released some music at following labels:
Switchstance Recordings, Menart, Spring Strut Records, Neu Groenland Records, Timewarp Music...

VRT is one of those artists who perfectly understands the entertainer role of a DJ. Without having to make any musical compromises, he is one of those record spinners that will show you a good time, whenever, wherever.

He first started playing out back in 2004 and just one year earlier he started with some friends the Synthplants Events crew, where he was established both as a DJ and as a promoter till late 2005.
All the events he was involved in, as an organiser, served as key contributions to the local and national underground electronic music scene development, mostly in the Breakbeat / Drum&Bass areas.

DJ Funky Mosquito (Swiss funkee music)
Starting DJ’ing with vinyl in 1991 twenty years ago. Has his roots from the deep funk and jazz, latin-jazz and hammond groove. Today’s mosquito mixes and selections are very wide.

From nu-funk, nu-swing, soul and the disco boogie till relaxing buddha-lounge mixes everything is possible. It just has to groove. Calls his music “world wide funk”. Funked up Switzerland with over 1000 live-gigs and is now discovering the digital world with the nu-influences.

Discovering more from ‘mad breakin’ Mosquito under:!/pages/Funky-Mosquito/47824910403

Sneaker & The Dryer
Artist – Sneaker & The Dryer
Genre – Bass Music
Memebers – Btz
Affiliations – Kick It Recordings, Torq, NSB Radio, Tight Crew

Links –

Accolades –
8B1T “Sneakers” Sneaker & The Dryer Remix Hit #21 on the Beatport Top 100 Breaks Chart and stayed in the top 100 for over 3 weeks.
8B1T “Sneakers” Sneaker & The Dryer Remix Hit #2 on Beats Digital for over 2 weeks

The THUMP Session with 3-Parts DJ
Part promoter, part graphic designer and part self-promoting, APC40-wielding purveyor of big belly bass; 3-Parts DJ (aka Phill Buckland) is one third of the team behind Reading's THUMP Events.

With a love for all things Breakbeat that occasionally threatens to veer into sex-crime territory, Phill 3-Parts will be bringing THUMP's own brand of bassline-focussed Funk, PsyBreaks, 140Jungle, Tearout, Dubstep, DnB and Downtempo every single month to the RampFM Blog!

For more info on THUMP Events, 3-Parts DJ and the radio show, check out

DJ Kimble
With more than half his life dedicated to the 1's & 2's , Dj Kimble would still only consider himself a "work in progress" when it comes to the art of mixing . It was in the mid nineties having already been an indie/alternative dj for a while , that the new and wonderful sound of Big Beat caught his ear . It was this bass heavy,funky,broken beat style of music that shaped his dj career . Keeping it funky and fun was his plan - and after getting his 1st 1210's and a few records together , that's what he did.....

Jump forward to today , and Dj Kimble hasn't changed much...."Big Beats" are still played - the name may have changed, but the music is still bass heavy , plenty of broken beats , a good dash of samples & mashes thrown in ...but most importantly it's got to be Funky!

Paddy gave up the drums to play football when he was 10 years old... 12 years later he heard a tune that reignited his enthusiasm for music.

It wasn’t long before he picked up some fifth-hand belt-driven decks and started mixing a few borrowed drum & bass records.
Shortly after, at a festival, he stumbled upon a new sound; a blend of funk, hip hop, breaks, electro and good times, a showcase in musical versatility and creativity.

Since that day Paddy has developed an unhealthy obsession with music, crafting funk-infused mixes and spreading the good vibe.

Alex Dias aka Sychosis has spent over ten years in the San Francisco Electronic Music scene as a DJ, Producer, and promoter. Prior to getting bitten by the electronic music bug, he toured Europe and North America as a classically trained singer. 
His unique blend of all things broken beat, electro, and house has destroyed dance floors across California and been featured on NSB Radio, Sirius Electric Area, Party 95(Florida), and Mutha FM(South Africa). 

In the studio, Sychosis is a machine. His bangin' edits, originals, and remixes have been played on dance floors and featured in mixes worldwide. With releases on Mizumo, Vibrance, Teknical Funk, We Are Live, One For All, and On A Break and support from the likes of Marten Horger, Left/Right, The Crystal Method, Refracture, and Rel1 he is quickly getting noticed as a major up and coming player in the breaks scene.
He also is a reviews writer for both 2012 Breakspoll Nominee Life Support Machine as well as Noise P*rn.

EZ Icarus

Producer & DJ: Breakbeats, Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Jungle and Swing Using LIVE Drumming from The Octopus

About the man... Born in Margaret Thatchers England in 1985, Ez Icarus found freedom through music. Around '93 Ez was listening to pirate radio stations kicking out Ragga Jungle and Drum n Bass across Nottingham city at the impressionable age of 8, with no idea what the MC's were saying, it was the Breakbeats that kept Ez hooked.

Ez Icarus started his professional music career as a DJ in 2000 playing house, breakbeats and drum n bass in small venues The Lost Weekend, The Bomb and FADE toying with Pirate Radio OHM FM and on local urban radio stations Kemet FM and The Eye. DJing for ten years with a unique Cut and Blend style, when Ez Icarus started producing music in 2006 his background of chopped beat DJing with fresh highs and deep low warbling bass lines inspired by Ghetto Funk with Breakbeat Hooks a fisherman would be proud of.

Evil Presidentes
Established in Dundalk (North-East Ireland) in early 2009, an entrenched idea between two cousins, NEIL WATERS & James Kenny, rooted in a combined love of rock'n'roll & hip hop and the live feel of spinning & scratching those 45s & 12”s. 

Residents at the famous Spirit Store music venue (  for the last 4 years & regulars on the Irish festival circuit, this DJ collective (grown now to a stable of four regular DJs) knows no limits and has recognises no boundaries when it comes to playing their dirty sexy beats live.

Catch his show every 4th Thursday of the month right here at Ramp FM, or stay connected by checking out his other mixes on Soundcloud: