3 June 2014

Lebrosk - The Armory Podcast (038)

This week in The Armory we're pleased to feature the funky and diverse musical stylings of Lebrosk (aka James Glenton). Press play. Get down.

The year was 1996 and a young, wide-eyed James Glenton was first introduced to dance music after a wrong turn at Knebworth Festival led him away from Oasis and into the electronic embrace of The Chemical Brothers. Four years later and with his trusty student loan burning a hole in his wallet, James walked sheepishly into his first record shop and bought his first piece of vinyl. Since that fateful day, 
James quickly set about getting his hands on a dusty pair of 1210s and after a few years of trainwrecks, has since been seen bouncing around as Lebrosk playing behind the decks of countless clubs, boats, warehouses and festivals both in the UK and across Europe.

After a 3 year stint as radio presenter on renowned Breakbeat radio station Ramp FM, James took over as station manager on the revamped Ramp Shows Blog and has established himself as someone with a keen ear for new music and a passion for discovering cutting edge new artists.

Track list
1. Intro - Lebrosk
2. Just Wanna - Lebrosk
3. Turn it Up (Lebrosk 'Mashed Up edit') - dj Daigo
4. Lightnin Rod (Rhythm Scholar remix) - Sport
5. Bang Bang Boogie - Lebrosk
6. Party People - Voodoocuts
7. Papa's New Hot Bag ('Lebrosk slightly mashed' edit) - Phunk Sinatra
8. Bringing the Boom Back! - Lebrosk
9. Back in Love ('Lebrosk slightly mashed' edit) - D-Funk
10. Feel 4 It - Sharam Jey
11. Doin' Ya Thang - Oliver $
12. Fab Freddy Said (Peter Horrevorts Remix) - Jay C
13. Move Or Not - Purple Disco Machine
14. Never Knew (Cut up edit) - Tom Booze
15. Let Me Clear My Throat (Party Favor Re-Twerk) - DJ Kool
16. Drop it Like its Bubble Gum (Danny Diggz Twerk Bootleg) - Snoop Dogg vs Jackal
17. Just Want Juice - Flavours
18. Breakadawn (Altered Tapes Rework) - De La Soul
19. The Geek X Vrv - Legend

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