21 July 2015

Secret FM Radio: Secret Garden Party 2015 – Hubie Sounds

Hi and welcome to the Hubie Sounds 'Childish Things' podcast for Secret FM. I'm Hubie, I'm a child of the '80s and '90s and I don't think I'll ever grow up. In this 30 minute music mix I spin an eclectic selection of tunes that remind me of my childhood, as well as tunes that appeal to my inner child, including references to some of my favourite movies, TV shows and other fun stuff that I still love today. My main influences for this mix are the old cut 'n' paste hip hop mixes of the '80s by the likes of Double Dee & Steinski and Coldcut, and more recently DJ Food and DJ Yoda. Those guys knew how to have fun and channel their inner child into their music, which is what I've tried to do with this mix too. Let's have some fun…

Contact: http://hubiesounds.com/contact/


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