30 July 2012

Update from Rory Hoy

Hi everybody!
Just to tell you that Funktion Junction's 2nd Anniversary is coming up on August 22nd and to celebrate, we will have a brand-new 60-minute guest mix from one of the most influental and legendary DJ's on the planet, Freddy Fresh! If you don't know who he is, he is a Hip-Hop, Big Beat, House, Electro and Latin DJ and Beatmaker, who has worked with everybody from Fatboy Slim (did a collabo with him in 1999 with Badder Badder Schwing, which was a Top-40 Hit in the UK), Eminem (remixed his 2000 classic 'The Real Slim Shady'), Tito Puente, Grandmaster Flash, The Freestylers and many more! His music has been featured in various TV Shows and Films including Austin Powers - Goldmember and he is also the mind behind Big Beat imprint Howin' Records, and has a book out called 'The Rap Records', which is a price guide for indipendent Hip-Hop vinyl.

Also watch out for guest mixes from The Captain and Mick & Marc later in the year too!

In the meantime, here is a very lovely tune from my friend, Adski - Enjoy!



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