25 July 2012

Bang 'n Mash NUFUNK Niles Philips guestmix #7 2012

In this month’s show we proudly present a guestmix by the honourable mr. Niles Philips, residing on the Timewarp Music label. This man knows what the funk is all about and delivers a truly golden mix. It’s goose bumps and summer feel all over.

   For more funkiness check http://www.nilesphilips.com

1. Apedroid - Electric (featuring Nell Halford) 
2. Zamali - Blue montains
3. Niles Philips feat. Tonkin - Ill At Ease (AUditors DOmination remix)
4. jazz.K.lipa feat. SoomT - Hold Me (Quincy Jointz remix)
5. Timewarp - Bullshit
6. Funky Destination - The Inside Man (Valique Boogie Tech remix)
7. jazz.K.lipa - Barrio Katz Tanzt Polka Mit Der Olga (Pepe Le Moko Remix)
8. Medras - Swim In Snow (Niles Philips Remix)
9. Headson Groove - You Got to Believe (Basement Freaks remix)
10. Mustbeat Crew - The Feedback (Niles Philips Remix)
11. jazz.K.lipa - Dance Di Dance (Funkanomics Remix)
12. Quincy Jointz - Chicago (Audio InFunktion remix)
13 BMD - Funk Street
14. AUditors Of DOmination - Rempeto (Niles Philips Remix)
15. Apedroid - Enter the Apedroid
16. Niles Philips - String Pusher (MustBeat Crew remix)
17. DJ August - No Need To Hit 'em (2011)
18. Makala - Cartoon Tune
19. Timewarp inc - Back to the 60s (Valique Down The Street remix)
20. Headson Groove - You Got to Believe
21. Niles Philips feat. Tonkin - Nose Dive (Yomakomba Spy Groove Remix)
22. Funky Destination - Balkanarama (Bad Monkeys DoJaja remix)
23. The Mohawks - The Champ



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