15 July 2012

New Lebrosk & Meeloox party mashup available at Juno Download

More low-swung nu-funk badness from the Dirty Dubster crew right here. Cruising at the crucial sub-110bpm territory and oozing squidgy bass, each of the three cuts on this volume will cause serious buttshakery on your floor. "Here We Go Biggie" is the real party piece; taking the big guy's inimitable vocal delivery and applying it to a cool, understated hook it's got that deep funk power many producers try to attain but never quite hit. Pineapple Funk closes the show with a very cool rendition of C&C Music Factory's "Do You Wanna Get Funky" (a track that many will associate with the Freestylers from their big beat days). With myriad vocal samples and a nifty electro bass hook that's used with care, it neatly sums up why you should be tuned into the Dirty Dubster sound...


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