24 January 2015

All Good Funk Alliance "Late Night Workshop 7"


1. Valies "Heartbeat"
2. Thomas "Sexed Up" (Brother in Arms Remix)
3. Le Sexe Faible "Love Story"
4. Cool Cake "Neon Light"
5. Casual Connection "Do Thangs"
6. Casual Connection "Day Of..."
7. Blackbyrds "Doin it in the Park" (Casual Connection Slow Down Remix)
8. Sound Experience "Boogie Woogie" (Dave Gerrard & Bobby Tempo Remix)
9. Basement Love "My Mind Made ON You"
10. French Filter "One Night Affair"
11. BPM "Slow Jam"
12. Beerlover "Special Girl"
13. The Temptations "Somethin' Special" (Palinoia Remix)
14. Losco "Jays Ways"
15. Pyxis "Dilla"
16. Cosmonaut Grechko "Anytime"
17. Kartell "Nevermind"
18. Oxford "Neptune 84 (Neptune Safari Remix)
19. Maricopa "Savannas"
20. 52nd Street "Tell Me How You Feel" (Cezaire Edit)
21. Minnesota "Paradise"
22. Hasta "You & Me Both"
23. Jill Scott "Golden" (Copycat Remix)


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