7 January 2015

Bang 'n Mash - Hiphop/dub - Rampshow #27 Mixed By Sausagefinger

Heres a nice and easy mixtape of casual sunday afternoon dub and hiphop flavours, from the man with the tastiest fingers in town, Sausagefinger! Get in there!!

Farm Fresh Soundsystem - Roots once again (Rubadub Remix)
Dub Pistols - Rocksteady
G Corp - Waterhouse Rock (G Corp & Groove Coorporation Remix)
Tom Showtime - Champion Steez
Ocelus - Dr Sensei
Suburban Dream - Been Elected
One Funkly Soul - Bless You
DJ Tzinas - This is Jam Hot
Dub Pistols - West End Story
The Nextmen - Turn it up a Little (Second Hand Ausio Reboot)
Gramatik vs Savant - Make your own Break (Redline Refix)
DJ Vadim - Got to Rock
P Bass Expressway
Azeem - Platinum Trends (Hydroponic Sound System Remix)
The Nextmen - Round of Applause
Mystic Man - Cheshire Cat - Gella Remix
Soulaa - Oneness
The Mexican - Yogurt Mudflap
Tom Drummond - Bird Beat (9 Number Edit)

Bang 'n Mash podcast #27


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