5 March 2014

Rory Hoy's Season Of Funk - Episode Eight

Bonjour Boys and Girls, and welcome to another edition of Rory Hoy’s Season Of Funk. Today’s mixtape contains a mixes The Beatles, Nirvana, Beyonce, Public Enemy, Prince, Jamiroquai, Fatboy Slim and even The Osmonds and others in this improvised 2-hour Eclectathon! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did mixing it!

PS: If you like this mix, I’m also here to tell you that I’ll be DJing at the legendary Nightclub in Glasgow, Scotland - The Arches - next week on Tuesday March 11th as part of the Club Night, LATE - A special club night for people with learning difficulties and disabilities -though it’s also open to everyone and if the previous events are anything to go by, it’s always packed! To get your tickets - go to this link (http://www.dates-n-mates.co.uk/index.html?pid=471790), and hope to see you all there! We’re gonna rock the place!  


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