1 March 2014

Paddy - Ramp Shows: Fresh Picking #7

Fresh picks and seasoned classics from the hiphopallotment. Good vibes : )

And check out this month’s Choice Cuts for an absolute corker of a mix from the beat-masher, scratch-itcher, funk-maker and punkin’-instigator 

DJ Maars & Waggles - Elevate the Mind
Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones (DJ Inko Remix)
Sister Nancy vs. Lauryn Hill - Never Lost One (Wick-it the Instigator Remix)
The Captain - Bam!
Interrupt - Super Sharp Riddim
Titan Sound - Made You Teng Sleng
Fort Knox Five vs. Johnny Osbourne vs. Breakbeatbuddha - Buddy Bye Sleezy (DC's Finest Edit)
James Brown - Woman (Copycat Edit)
Mr Bristow feat. Benny Silver - My Life
Mr Bristow feat. Benny Silver - My Life (Tom Showtime Remix)
DJ Pinx - Funky Ghetto Skit
El Bomba - Never Dibby Dibby
Copycat - Love & Happy
Al Green - Love & Happiness (WBBL Remix)
Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns - Up for the Downstroke (X-Ray Tedit)
Lack Jemmon - Hello World, Hello Lorde
MadColour - Yeah I'm Ready

Check out the exceptional forthcoming EP from Mr Bristow feat. Benny Silver (http://www.junodownload.com/products/mr-bristow-benny-silver-my-life-ep/2397323-02/) and loads more tasty musical goodness at http://ramp-shows.blogspot.co.uk/ 

Previous shows:
#1 www.mediafire.com/?2hv3x2abo1vs7az 
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#6 www.mediafire.com/listen/le94m7s1o7kxn4o/Fresh_Pickings_#6.mp3


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