11 March 2014

Bombstrikes: 10 Years In 10 Minutes Mix - Mooqee & Beatvandals

Celebrating 10 years of Bombstrikes records. Mooqee & Beatvandals deliver a breakneck 10 minute mix showcasing the last 10 years of the label. Including 2 no.1 compilation albums, 8 Beatport no.1s, 18 Junodownload no.1s, 2 Beatport tracks of the year, biggest selling Junodownload track of all time, 4 Mixmag 'tunes of the month', countless 5/5 reviews and much much more.

Big love to all the artists over the years and to MC Whizzkid for the shout outs on the mix.

Track Listing:
Intro feat MC Whizzkid
So Much Steeze - J-roc
Point & Shoot - Tom Booze
N E Way - Ali B & Nick Thayer
Lets Do It (Right Now) - Pimpsoul ft MC Shureshock
Fizzle Tickler - Opiuo
Rhythm Method - Nick Thayer
Shine Like a Halo - BadboE
Swing Break - McMash Clan
Beats On a String - Ali B ft. Jungle Brothers
I Got Tha (Faith VIP) - Neon Steve
Shake Your Rumpah - Mooqee & HerbGrinder
Ladies Love Cool Jams - Nick Thayer
Back To School - Kontaktor
To The Beat - Mooqee & Pimpsoul
Beats On a String - Ali B ft. Jungle Brothers
Come On Bounce - Stereo Shiftaz
Kill Em With The Vibes - Neon Steve ft. MC Zulu
Loves Me - Bryx & Neon Steve
Bang Your Head - Pimpsoul ft MC Alaska
On Point - Pimpsoul
Tell Me Who - Neon Steve
The One - Pimpsoul
So Much Steeze - J-roc
The Horn - HerbGrinder
Everybody Ready - Nick Thayer Vs Will Styles
Sound Around Town - Mooqee & Herbgrinder
Funk Machine Man - Mooqee
Happy Now - Mr No Hands
Slapdance - Beatvandals Vs A.Skillz
Stomp - Featurecast
Sun to Sun - Tom Booze
Back Up - Mooqee Vs Beatvandals
See Mice Elf - Mooqee Vs Beatvandals
Stick Em Up - Featurecast
Drop The Bomb - Santero ft. Credit To The Nation
Island - George Lenton
Supacat Police - Mooqee ft. MC Kinky
Kill Em With the Vibes - Neon Steve ft. MC Zulu
Renegades Revenge - Qdup Foundation
Sunshine - Beatvandals Vs A.skillz
Rhythm Method - Nick Thayer
Thizz Shake - Nick Thayer
Seven Nation Missy - Beatvandals
Respect (Mooqee & Russ Cuban Edit) - KW Griff
Flat Top (Bonus) - Nick Thayer Vs Will Styles
Point And Shoot - Tom Booze
Rock The Beat (Mooqee & Beatvandals Remix) - BadboE & Prosper
Funky Sounds - Beatvandals Vs A.Skillz
Woah Now - Slynk ft. Tom Drummond
Player - Mooqee Vs Beatvandals
Rock You - Pimpsoul
Brown James (Original II Deep Mix) - Urban Soul ft. Roland Clark
Shake Like Ya Mama - Nick Thayer Vs Will Styles
Got This Feeling - Neon Steve ft. Charlotte Dobre
Raging Speedhorn - Rory Lyons
Feeling Good (Tantrum Desire Remix) - Mooqee & Pimpsoul ft. Biana Gerald
Rain - Mooqee & HerbGrinder ft. Greg Blackman
Blindside - Neon Steve
Shake - J-Roc
Do You Want More - Nick Thayer
Piano Skank - J-Roc
Blowin Up - Beatvandals Vs A.Skillz
Get Up - Nick Thayer
The Nod - HerbGrinder
Throw Down (Featurecast Remix) - All Good Funk Alliance ft. Think Tank
Nickelodeon - J-Roc
Set It off - Pimpsoul
Keep Pounding - Mooqee & Pimpsoul

Individual tracks available from Junodownload - bit.ly/1gUR2L8


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