17 July 2013

Black Belt Jams #35 - Ramp Shows Blog (July 2013)

The 35th instalment of my monthly show for ramp-shows.blogspot.com dated 9.07.13...
(every 2nd Tuesday of the month) 

Classic Funk, Funky Breaks, Ghetto Funk, Mash-Ups & More...... 

Including the likes of, 

Casio Wax, 
Bill Withers, 
Wick-it The Instigator, 
Krome & Time 

...and many more.

Intro / Run Wilde ‘n’ Fierce – Dan Wilde

Use Me Up – Bill Withers
Only A Fool – Loleatta Holloway
Heavy Heavy Hangs (Over My Heart) – Vera Hamilton
Why I Sing The Blues – Betty Barney & The Pazant Brothers
Heard It Thru The Grapevine – Roger Troutman

Me & Julio (Casio Wax School Yard Extra Mix) – Paul Simon
Run Come ft. Blackout JA – Mr Benn
Message From the Jungle – The Spank!
Remember Me (Pecoe Edit) – Blue Boy
Bang Bang Boogie – Lebrosk’s Electro Swing Mash Up

What Happened To You ft. Method Man & Busta Rhymes – Wick It The Instigator
Movin’ Back In Black – Funk Ferret
Northface Giggles – Robotic Pirate Monkey
Loser – Diesler ft. Testament
Cold Crush Bass – Blowshitup

Euphoria (Bright Lights 2013 Relick) – The House Crew
Roots ‘N’ Future (Breakz Remix) – Phuture Assassins
Lords Of The Null Lines (Bright Lights Remix) – Hyper On Experience
The Helicopter Tune (Simon Harris 2013 Remix) – Deep Blue
The Dark Stranger (Another Terrifying Simon Harris 2013 Future Jungle Remix) – Boogie Times Tribe
The Licence (Billy Bunter & Sanxion Back To 12 Dalston Lane Remix) – Krome & Time

Gonna Be Alright (JDubz 2013 Remix) - Nookie 


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