14 November 2013

Rory Hoy - Sketching Shadows (New Album!!!)

Junodownload Review:

Approved by none other than Skint, Craig Charles and Freddy Fresh, Rory Hoy returns with his fifth artist album, and it's his most varied and well executed long player to date. We ignite with an instant ode to unity as "Ready Set Go!" bumps and tickles with a vibrant melodic euphoria. Elsewhere we get heavy on the horne front as "1929" licks out the swing vibes, "16 Bit Future" whisks us back to the body-popping '80s with razor-sharp electro breakbeat glory while "GiveIt2Em" celebrates the '90s with a firing acid line and spine-smouldering old school synth pads. There's also some stunning Dick Dale surf guitar action to be found amidst the madness as "Tom Sez Yeh" fuses Pulp Fiction vibes with outrageous stomp science, and "Rebel Money" gives the Black Eyed Peas a run for their money. Sketches? More like fully fledged detailed paintings; Hoy's in fine fettle right here.

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