12 November 2013

After Dawn Mix - Urple Eeple

A special exclusive mix from West coast based producer Urple Eeple! These next forty five minutes are laced with a vast selection of lush beat driven tunes that are sure to be the perfect remedy after a long day!

Synkro – I Miss You
Robot Koch – Tapedeck
Phonat – Ride the Prejudice
Ifan Dafydd – No Good
Gillepsy – The Scientist
Pascäal - Drowning in You
Long Arm – When Children Sleep (Empt Remix)
YoggyOne – Second Bus Salmon feat. Zack Christ
Deft – Jungle Jim
Kenny Segal – Loose Change
LazerSword – Gucci $weat$hirt
Little Dragon – Place to Belong
Urple Eeple – Looking for Action (Olove Remix)
Benedek – Laser Forest
Galimatias – Marshmallow Grove
Submerse – Dim Lights and Meteorites (featuring Sorrow)
Triiyp – Nesquik
   Urple Eeple – Days Without You (Ashanti Rework)
   Submerse – Truth
   Freddie Joachim – Nightcap
   Penthouse Penthouse – Baby
   Take (AKA Sweatson Klank) – Neon Beams
   Shigeto – So So Lovely
   Urple Eeple – Morning After (unreleased)
   Lapalux – Yellow 90′s
   fLako – Mating Dance (Supah Mario Bootleg Remix)


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