11 October 2013

AJ Manns - AJ's Quarter-Life Crisis Mix (October 2013)

Yep, I have just turned 25.... Man, does time fly! (A little too fast).

Getting older, getting wiser...but still young at heart.

Here is my latest birthday mixtape full of great tunes for all to hear. Enjoy and leave feedback!

Marc Romboy & Blake Baxter - The Art of Sound [Versions 1&2]
Ian Pooley - Swing Mode
Phaze Dee - Outside
Ian Pooley - Kids Play
DJ E-Clyps - Feel Like I'm On Dope
Eddy Claws - Chips Dips
J Paul Getto - Handle Your Scandal
Kreap - Prune Juice
DJ Mes - Just Havin' Fun [Dub]
Mark Denim - Fearless [Giano's House Your Father]
GoGo Bizkitt! - Jump
DJ E-Clyps - Party's Still Not Over
GoGo Bizkitt! - Lovin' You
The Phantom's Revenge - A Better Day
GoGo Bizkitt! - More Fresh [AJ's Edit]
Cobra Krames - Choose You
The Phantom's Revenge - Killing Power


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