7 November 2015

The Armory Podcast - Freerange DJs - Episode 111

We’ve been trying to get a mix from this week’s guests for well over a year and now we finally have one. The are Olly, Ave and Seb. Together they form the Freerange DJs and we’re thrilled to have them in The Armory this week! Press play. Get down.

Proudly hailing from a county that is so backward, most people's family trees look more like tumbleweeds. A thoroughbred trio of dedicated Cornish idiots have been quietly paving the musical way for their stalwart countryside kinsmen. Like the blind leading the blind the Freerange Djs have embarked on a chaotic adventure that is slowly leading to what must be one of the music industries most unorganised rises to fame on record. That said, their unorthodox methods have picked them up some noteworthy accolades along the way including 2 Mixmag ‘Tune Of The Month’s, releases on prestigious labels such as Skint Records and 470 real Twitter followers. The Freerange Djs have won lots of awards that are not really worth mentioning and narrowly missed out on some good ones too. With remix work for the mighty Stanton Warriors set for release imminently as well as a delightful summer festival season booked in including their favorites Glastonbury and Boomtown Fair, its looking like these modest idiots could be sailing the good ship Breakbeat at full speed towards some very prosperous rocks in the not too distant future……

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