7 November 2015

RIPEcast with Fort Knox Five & Qdup - Old School Breaks Tribute to Jon H

It is with great pleasure this week we welcome Steve Raskin and Jason 'Qdup' Brown to the RIPEcast for this special throwback mix. I'll let Qdup set the table...

"When Deckard reached out to us about doing a new mix for The Ripecast, he asked if we would think about doing a Jon H dedication mix. Since we’ve already seen a few Fort Knox Five themed tribute sets by various DJ’s released, we thought it would be fun to pull some older tracks that influenced our sound. As you may or may not know, in the late 90’s and early 00’s Jason Qdup aka Jayclue, Jon H and Steve Raskin were in a DC area DJ collective called 308 Crew. It was named after the address of the 308 house that we all used to DJ marathon afterhours sets at, and where we all honed our DJ skills together in the Pre Fort Knox Recordings days. This mix is a retrospective of a lot of late 90’s and 00’s era tracks with a few more modern surprises that we would have rocked in our earlier days DJing. Lots of these tunes were from vinyl and were some of our favorite tunes of the era. We had a blast making it and know this mix would put a huge grin on Jon H’s face." - Qdup


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