18 March 2013

Audio InFunktion - Ramp 006 (Guest Mix by MPJ Slo)

Dj, producer, sound designer, promoter, you name it... 

Head of Kontra crew (alongside Billain & Aldin), with whom he organised tons of parties & clubnights with top notch guests from dnb & dubstep scene. Weird gadget collector, weird destination traveller (how Butan, Burma, Sokotra sounds?), captain of weird noises that only he can hear. 

Not enough ? 
Ok, what about playing festivals like Exit, Outlook, or making sound design for Audi, Nike TV ads or studying in Dublin. 

One thing is for sure - this motherfucker delivers BASS. 
This mix is recorded at one of his recent gigs, and when we speak about recent gigs, check out the next one with Sleeper (Chestplate/Osiris/Artikal, UK) as a guest -


Check out Kontra Crew at: 


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