11 May 2012

Janette Slack's May 2012 Ramp Show - Janette live at the Ministry Of Sound

Janette Slack Ministry of Sound Easter TG Ball 2012 by janetteslack

Am not talking much in this one. only in the middle for about 10 seconds.

Another fantastic night at Torture Garden, but this time it was held at Ministry Of Sound.

This taken was played from 2.30-4.10am, and is pretty full ending with a bit of demendedness :)

Pix can be found on my fansite

Thank you to Kaori for letting me show off one of her latest creations, thank you Sammm for making me scrub up nicely with har and make up! And Kristoph, (Production Manager of MOS) for making the main room sound crisp and lush! Was such a joy.

Here is the track listing

1. Bassbin intro
2. Far Too Loud – Megaloud
3. Cybersutra – Badself (dirty Loud remix)
4. Far Too Loud – Wake Up LA
5. Colombo – Your Dream Will Go
6. Under This - Funqualise
7. Bitrok – Crazy
8. Janette Slack – ‘Queen of the Weekend (Girl in Black)’ (Kickflip mix)
9. Dj Blakey – Untitled
10. Bastian Van Shield –Nobody (Tujamo Mix)
11. Stupid Fresh feat Stellar MC – Not Gonna Stop
12. DJ Dan – Phonetrack (Dave Auda Mix)
13. Azelia banks - 212 acca
14. Austin Terranova – Only You
15. Andy Page & Lee Burridge – Why Are all the Pretty Ones Insane
16. Prato – Hotterdam
17. Youthful Implants – Wake Up
18. ?? Shoes
19. Kill A Watt -Tai Chilli
20. BSOD – A Bit Sketchy
21. DJ Zinc – Wile Out (Instrumental)
22. Precision Cuts – I Found Love
23. Foo Fighters Boot –


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