28 May 2012

Bang 'n Mash #5 Liquid DnB 2012

Check out the May2012 show from Bang 'n Mash for the Rampshows Blog. For this month's mixsession DJ Formula75 has whipped up a tasty dish of soulful drumandbass. Enough words, enjoy!


1. A Perfect Place - Illusive Minds (Dirt, Lies & Audio Black)
2. Science Fiction - Flowrian (Fokuz Recordings)
3. All Yours (S.P.Y Remix) - Submotion Orchestra (Hospital)
4. Aphotic - Imagery (Phuzion Digital)
5. Inner City Love Affair - Dynamic (Fokuz Recordings)
6. Hours - Oversight (Phucked Recordings)
7. And We Flew Into The Night - Dynamic (Fokuz Recordings)
8. All I Need ft. Christina Tamayo - Mutt, Submorphics, Christina Tamayo (Urban Chemistry Release)
9. Last Night - DJ Marky, S.P.Y. (Innerground)
10. Under the Weather (Karma Remix) - Colossus (E-Motion)
11. Bassment Jazz - Qumulus (Soul Deep Recordings)
12. Working In Between - Static (Celsius Recordings)
13. Night – Djackonda (Kill Inc Drum & Bass)
14. Piano Funk ft. Riya - Total Science, S.P.Y, DaM FunK (Toolroom Records)
15. High Time - Dynamic (Fokuz Recordings)
16. Kisses From Julia - Kredit (Celsius Recordings)
17. Light In Nightmare - Velocity (W10 Records)
18. Crystal Skies - Logistics (Hospital)
19. Blind Soul (feat. Stray) - Blu Mar Ten (Blu Mar Ten)
20. What You Do - Double Drop (In Da Jungle Recordings)



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