12 April 2012

Lebrosk - Funk Sessions Show - March 2012 (Guestmix by DELimentary)

Welcome to my 36th show which means this is officially 3 years of dong the Funk Sessions Show !!!

DELimentary joins me in celebrating my shows for Ramp FM and the Ramp Shows Blog with an EXCLUSIVE new guestmix for your listening pleasure.


Lebrosk tracklist...
Dancin Machine - Rollomatik
Movin to the funky beat - Chudy
Wrap It - Rollomatik
What's Good? - Featurecast
Choose Me (P.O.D.G.E remix) - Xilent
Cold as Ice (A Skillz vs Nick Thayer remix) - Foreigner
Block Rockin Beats (Sketi reafix) - Chemical Brothers
Move you fresh - Nynfus Corporation
Blackbeard's Delight - Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP
Hypnotoad - Synthetic Hype
Beat Dun Drop (Stnton Warriors remix) - Machine Don't Care
End of Love - Jack Beats
Meeting Point (Shades of Rhythm remix) - Drumattic Twins
Lick the Scratch - Elite Force
Total Hip Hop Recall - Jimi Needles

Delimentary tracklist...
DJ Fresh ‘Louder’
Fatboy Slim ‘Wonderful night’
Vokab Kompany ‘Know Me Now’ love and light mix
Box Rocket Avalanche ‘Psychiatrist’
Griz ‘iLL Type Moves’ Some DJ ReRub
DELimentary 'Wak Wak'
Dr dre ft Snoop dogg ‘Smoke weed everyday’ SMYLE mix
Skibadee ‘Tika Toc’
Benny Benassi ‘Cinema’ Skrillex remix - Some DJ move around
Ugly Duckling ‘Turn It Up’ (Kool Hertz’s gimme a tequila edit)
Adele ‘Rollin in the deep’ acapella
Adele ‘Rolling in the deep’ Marty Party mix
Moody Scott Outta the ghetto
A.D.O.R. ‘Renegade Master’
Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’ Psymbionic mix
Limp Bizkit ‘Rollin’
DJ Wood ‘Bionic Slam’
ACDC ‘Back in black’ Kovary moombahton bootleg
DJ Rudd ‘Dance tonight’
LL Cool J ‘Mama said knock you out’
DELimentary 'Ibiza Re-Raved Weapon 1'
DELimentary 'Ibiza Re-Raved Weapon 3'
DJ Fresh ‘Gold dust’ Toddy Trix mix
Hardknox ‘Fire Like This’
Will Smith ‘Boom shake the room’
Chemical Brothers ‘Loops of fury’
Basement Freaks 'Get Ready' DELimentary mix
Daft Punk ‘Burnin’
Labrinth ‘Earthquake’
Cataracs ‘Bass Down Low’ Proper Villains mix
Fatboy Slim ‘Wonderful night’
Dizzee Rascal ‘Dirtee cash’ Subfocus mix
Ronnie Hazelhurst ‘Only fools & horses’


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