10 November 2011

Groove Fellaz - Time Machine 2011 Promo Mix

Time Machine is our second and last Promo Mix for this year. It’s goal is it to lead you trough the last 7 decades of music not defined to a genre. Be prepared to hear hip hop mashed with funk, rock and pop without losing the ghetto funky, bass heavy style you’re used from us. We have put some hard work and a lot of time in this mix. It’s sometimes a bit rough on the edges but we hope you like it anyway! Some Stuff is edited but everything is mixed and recorded live.

Give yourself 60 minutes, lean back and let this mix take you on a journey through time and sound!

We want to thank all the awesome artists and producers for sending us promos and of course for doing such great music. This is also a tribute to you guys.

Also thanks to DJ Icey for doing some great drops for us (check out his awesome work here: DJ Icey) and Merlin Miller from OneMoreHit (https://www.facebook.com/OneMoreHit)

For this mix we thought we might do a little challenge for you guys,
If we get at least the same amount of comments, plays, downloads and stuff as on our prior mix (Time For A Break! Mix by Groove Fellaz) we’ll give away something pretty cool for free, so comment, share and enjoy!

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Time Machine 2011 Promo Mix by Groove Fellaz


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