4 February 2015

Howson's Groove - Howson's Sound Vol.2

"A little mix we put together promoting our first official music video, brought to you by Black Tooth Films premiered on Thump" www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgQ9Gys9yoQ

Howson's Groove - Can't Explain [Love & Other]
Hackman - Forgotten Notes [Ramp Recordings]
Deft - The Night Time [Project Mooncircle]
Bonobo - Flashlight [Ninja Tune]
Soccer96 - Flight Formation [Wot Not]
Diversa - Fishnet [Self Release]
Medlar - Tides [Wolf Music]
Locra - Forgive Me Love [Naked Naked]
Percussions - KHLHI [Text Records]
Josh Butler Bontan feat Josh Barry - We Found A Place [MTA Records]
Howson's Groove - Chalk & Cheese [Love & Other]
Howson's Groove - Picking You Up [Love & Other]
Morrt - Something - [Fat! Records]
Howson's Groove - U 4 ME [Black Butter]


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