20 December 2014

All Good Funk Alliance - Late Night Workshop 10

1. ? "Tyner" (Biggie Tribute AGFA VIP)
2. Penthouse Penthouse "Heist"
3. Flamingosis "Smell the Roses"
4. Chief & Deheb "Welcome to Reality"
5. Reva DeVito & Roane Namuh "Going Down"
6. Joey Pecoraro "You Changed"
7. Sixfingerz "I Think You Do"
8. Flamingosis "Fallin"
9. Lo Creed "Join the LUV Club"
10. Kaligraph E "Thruspace"
11. Beerlover "Make Tonight (With Me)"
12. Galimatias "Atlantis"
13. Le Knight Club "Palm Beat" (Palinoia Remix)
14. The Fatback Band "I Found Lovin" (Sammy Senior Remix)
15. Mr. Scruff "GIant Pickle"
16. Maitro "Art Vandelay"
17. Harris Cole "Baby, I Love You"
18. Leberge "At Night)
19. Crowns X Dinosaurus "Physical Attraction"
20. Cosmicat "Young Me Be Like" (HER Edit)
21. EditudeCity "Feelin' Fine" (Taking it Slow Edit)
22. Ernst Jr. "Nadine"
23. Sovate "Interlude 1&2"
24. Pierpoint "Better"
25. Showdee "Tempo"

A special shout out to the flight attendants that hook me up with Ginger Ale when I have missed the service and they are just chilling working super late on the red eye.. I heart you


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