19 October 2014

Worthy - Discobelle Mix 048


SF producer @Worthy has been a driving force within the US dance music scene since the early 90's, in 2001 he moved to San Francisco where he's been working closely together with among others the Dirtybird crew and also started his own label Anabatic Records.

His eclectic sound is reflected in this exclusive mix done for us in Discobelle on which we get to hear a perfectly executed and funky mix of future house, bassfilled sounds and straight up techno.

1. Demarzo - Shake It Up
2. Volkoder - White Label
3. Three Cool Cats - Grab The Walls
4. Antonio Santana - Move Girl
5. unknown - Lose It
6. Nadastrom - Fallen Down (Justin Martin REmix)
7. Eyes Everywhere - Ruff Ride
8. Ben Mono - Bonanaza Break
9. Forget Me Not - Evil
10. Worthy- Golden Fang
11. Glimpse - LED
12. Worthy - Luna Feat. Carla Gardner
13. Daga - Happiness is a Choice ( Scotty Sunday Remix)
14. Worthy - Dark Bridges

Artwork by Lauren Knight: www.behance.net/laurenknight


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