19 May 2014

DJ Funky Mosquito - Big Nu Funkee Beats Thirty-Five (Big Electro Pop Dubstep)

This mix contains only strong, bassy funky & popy dubstep beauties. So if you like both styles, the funk & the dubstep and with a strong bass....this mix is for you  :-)

Included... Ferry Ultra, DJ Wood, Daft Punk, Dee Lite, Estèphe, Dionne Warwick u.o. 

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Further infos and more funky mixes you can find under facebook:

01) Mooqee - Retro Intro (0:29)
02) Ferry Ultra Why Did You Do It (Larse Remix) (5:26)
03) DJ Wood (Ghetto Funk) - High Styles (3:51)
04) The Potbelleez - Dont Hold Back (Dj MAG Electrofunk Remix) (4:20)
05) Daft Punk - Doin' It Right (B-Side Remix) (3:53)
06) Daft Punk - Get Lucky Again (Vanderway vs WBBL vs RLP Ultimate Edit) (6:24)
07) Revivra aka Estèphe & Vulzor - Set It Out (8:41)
08) Perfect Senses - Change of Fact (Original Mix) (11:21)
09) Dee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix) (4:19)
10) D.Wise pres.Yuriy Avgystov (Iris) Last Love OF the Earth (Booty Vocal Mix) (3:52)
11) Disclosure - Flow (Tobyone Push 'em Up Banger & Mash) (6:04)
12) Wax Wreckaz feat. Etzia - Bubble and Wine Up (Funkanomics Remix) (4:59)
13) The Phunk Junkies - Strong Beliefs (5:08)
14) Javier Morillas - Latin Beat (Instrumental) (3:12)
15) Dionne Warwick - Walk on By (Mojo Filter Re-Love - Ben Jay Edit) (4:15)

Thanxs to all the artists, the remixers and re-editers for their great work
and for these electrifying nu grooves.


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