1 February 2014

Evil Presidentes - Endtroducing (The Ramp Show Vol. 4)

You go on a weekend to Havana, it's post-revolution, pre-bay of pigs.
All dolled up, full of illegal tequila and you're off to a club called 'The Beat Club' to see a band called 'The Blood Group'....

Style/instruments: Canyonesque sounds played with piano, brass section, bongos, electric guitar, bouzouki, horns, double basslines, drums, sax & vocals from daughters of chaos and sons of sharks; descendants of mayhem conceived on boudoir dreams and incendiary ideas.
Admission/price: To enlist in the Beat Club will cost you one hour of your life....
Weather you retro, hetro, homo; beatnik peacenik, lovenik hatenik; a teacher, a preacher, a creature feature; a ragger, a blagger, a social ladder or Hansel & Zoolander....Settle in for sweet global pop melodies mixed with sampled rhythms about life, love & lies.

Pinata! Pinata! This is soundtrack de la Revolucion Cubana! En Vivo!

01. The Travelling Man’s Tale – The Kingston Trio & Grant Lazlo
02. Victor Dembe – Waggles
03. Mentira (DJ Snatch Edit) – Marcos Valle
04. Sale El Boogaloo (DJ Snatch Edit) – Fruko Y Sus Tesos
05. Jenny’s Bossa (DJ Snatch Edit) – Lavranos
06. Big Bold Sister (Jack Frost Edit) – Ike & Tina Turner
07. Inner City Blues (DJ Rebel Dancefloor Dub) – Sly & Robbie
08. You Don’t Love Me Like The First Time (DJ Snatch Edit) – Mairy Linda & Manolis Hiotis
09. Iranian Woman (DJ Snatch Edit) – Zoi Kouroukli
10. Air (Soundhog Remix) – Aphrodite’s Child
11. Thousand Nights – Michael Lener
12. Une Historie de Photo – Grant Lazlo
13. Wily Kataso (Ghetto Kumbe Remix) – Amadou et Mariam
14. T Plays It Cool (DJ Prince Remix) – Marvin Gaye
15. Take It Easy (Smoove Edit) – Gilbert
16. Cuban Swing (Yukicito Remix) – Will Magid
17. Drummer Man (Sam Redmore Re-Edit) – The Brady Bunch
18. I Got A Woman Over Town (Matty Blades Re-Rub) – Ray Charles
19. Spanish Harlem (Smart Edit) – Aretha Franklin
20. Suspicious Minds (Skeewif Remix) – Elvis
21. That’s Life (Michael Lener Remix) – Frank Sinatra
22. Till Then – Michael Lener


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