30 January 2014

FunkyDrop's Exclusive Electrocord 'G' Mixtape

Originally hailing from Romania, but now residing in Cambridge, UK, Mihai Draghici AKA FunkyDrop has amassed a reputation for being one of the finest party rocking DJs to have graced the shores of the UK.

Since first touching deck in 2008, FunkyDrop has developed his own unique slant on the craft. Aesthetically, it is hip hop in style; classic breaks merge with Golden era acapellas to create unique mashups before a modern breaks tune smacks you in the face with raw, four to the floor beats and bass. Next you are met with a syncopated Ghetto Funk beat, before dropping straight back into a classic funk break. Each set acts as a journey through seminal party jams, impeccably selected and seamlessly blended ensuring the good vibes continue throughout.

In 2013, FunkyDrop has established himself as one of the foremost heavy beat DJs around, vastly experienced, in demand across Europe and able to destroy any dancefloor he graces. Labelled by Ghetto Funk HQ as "The finest DJ we have seen to come out of Romania in the last few years. A true Ghetto Funk Menace", he plans to continue this legacy for many years to come, and still in his early 20's, he has plenty more party rocking in him yet!

There is no school like the old school… And this kid is the fucking headmaster!

For all enquiries and bookings, contact bookingsfd@yahoo.co.uk


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