20 December 2013

Funky Mosquito - Big Nu Funkee Beats Twenty-Nine (Ramp Shows - Soul-Funk Big Beats Nuggets Tree)

Exclusively mixed with love for the Ramp Shows blog.

Do you like soul, do you like groove and disco, funk and jazz music with great beats and melodies?
Including: The Breakbeat Junkie, Gaff, The Captain, The Bamboos & Alice Russell, C2C, A. Skillz, Slynk,
Tahuna Breaks, Quasamodo, Jayl Funk, DJ Dubra, Basement Freaks u.o.
Here is mix n° tree of the nu soul-funk series of my choice. You will very quick get these melodies
into your brain and not forget it...you will moving your feets clapping your hands and shaking your ass...
...this is so delicious. This is my style and i hope you will also find the pleasure with these grooves.
This is Mix N° Tree. So...Five more mixes will published :)

Swiss quality music selectar since 1968

Further infos and more funky mixes you can find under facebook:

The Funk-Soul Tracklist:
01) Al Wilson - The Snake (Paul Helsby Re-Edit) (5:48)
02) The Breakbeat Junkie - Crazy Jerk (5:0)
03) The Capitols - Cool Jerk (JR.Dynamite Edits) (4:14)
04) The Gaff - The Tribute To Hank (3:29)
05) The Captain - The Latin Night Before (Extended Version) (4:42)
06) DJ Savage Henry - Mary Jane (Savage Henry Remix) (3:08)
07) The Bamboos and Alice Russell - Ring It Home (Efemdzemov Edit) (3:01)
08) Ann Robinson - You Did It (Cristian Cabrera Dj Criss Edit) (3:25)
09) Funky Boogie Brothers - Get Up! (4:10)
10) Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles (Featurecast Remix) (3:23)
11) The Bamboos vs Dj Vadim - Golden Rock (Basement Freaks B-Boy Mush Up) (2:53)
12) Billy Royal Hush (V For The Love Of Funk Edit) (3:44)
13) The Captain vs C2C - Peace Road (Raymon Lazer Mashup) (3:23)
14) A.Skillz vs Ziencia Zero - Everybody Get Funk (DJ Dubra Edit) (3:35)
15) Featurecast - Woah! (4:35)
16) Bo Saris - She's On Fire (Efemdzemov Remix) (3:00)
17) Slynk - Dance Across The Bass (4:19)
18) Tahuna Breaks - Funky Mama (Jayl Funk Edit) (3:54)
19) Featurecast - Rock Ya Body (5:04)
20) Slynk - Whatcha Doin (6:14)
21) Funky Boogie Brothers - Bring The Noise (3:23)
22) Quasamodo - Son Of Shaft (2:56)
23) The Beatles - The Word (The Captain Remix) (4:42)
24) Funky Boogie Brothers - Funky Boogie Wonderland (3:14)
25) The Dells - Free And Easy (Tobyone Remix) (4:19)
26) Etta James - Light My Fire (JR.Dynamite's Smokey Edit) (3:26)

Thanxs to all the artists, the re-editers, remixers, re-mashers for all these grooves for the soul
and the heart. This is the real music also for the future :)


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