30 April 2013

Rory Hoy's Season Of Funk - Episode One

Rory Hoy's Season Of Funk - Episode One by Rory Hoy on Mixcloud

Hi everyone! Here is the first in (hopefully) a series of semi-regular mixtapes mixed by yours truly, Rory Hoy. The Season Of Funk mixtapes will be released once a season and they give you a taste of what to expect if you were to see me perform live at a club or a festival and also to give an insight into tunes that I am currently digging - past, present or future.

If you like this mix, check out my latest release with Kitten & The Hip - Who's Gonna Pay For That. You can download it right here:


Prosper & Rory Hoy feat. Imagine This - Shake It Out - Out on Boogie Boutique Records


Here is a Pledge Music Campaign for our next release with Kitten & The Hip:


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