30 October 2012

Paddy - The Thang Show (Volume 3) for the Ramp Shows Blog

After last month’s marathon mix from the supreme DJ E-1000 and two funky-as tracks from the very talented Deeploy we are back with a heavy dose of squelchy wonderfunk laid down by some of the phatest digits in the business...

Previously operating under a different pseudonym this beat masher is no stranger to the decks and guides us effortlessly through a forest of bubbles and squeaks...please welcome Sausagefinger!

MuthaFunkers - Off the Hook
Mavrik - Droppin' It Phat
Hidden Orchestra - Reminder
Emskee - Respect the DJ (Hoglodytes edit)
Gift of Gab - Protocol feat. Samanth Kravitz (MuthafFunkers cover)
The Temptations - Here I Come (Shimi Sonic re-funk)
Aldo Vanucci feat. Kylie Auldist - You're All Show
KC & The Sunshine Band - Boogie Shoes (MNG remix)
Hidden Riddim & Corticyte feat. Born ina Barn - Boogie Down (DJ Alias remix)
Dub Pistols - Rocksteady (Turntable Dubbers remix)
(Bad Ass Interlude)
General Levy - Incredible (Slynk remix)
Too Many T's - Nice Life

Sausagefinger guestmix 
Monkey Bars - Fragipanties
Monkey Bars - Bass to Mouth
Myselor - It Don’t Mean a Thing
Opiuo - Robo Booty (Teknizm Cut)
Crazy Daylight - Purple Grapes (Flavours mix)
Rubber Headz - W.O.P
Lucky Hz & Clufe - Glitch Hoppi
Mikey1point0 & Mike T – Super Shizzle
Opiuo v J5 - Taco Influence
J-Roc - Bear Shoulders
Hedflux & Neurodriver - Energy Vibration (Mouldy Soul Remix)
Flavours - Ali Enz
Infected Mushroom - U R So Fucked (Opiuo remix)
TC feat. MC Dread - Burning Starlight (Stickybuds Remix)
Goosebumpz - Texas Teeth
Moontricks - Swamp Bubble

The Thang! Vols 1 & 2 
Vol 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?9ld9bmbm5x0v6ps
Vol 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?w397zi4y2lmlaa6
Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/Paddy_/


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