1 March 2012

Bang 'n Mash Liquid DNB #2 2012

Because it’s still a bit cold outside, we’ve got some soulful drumandbass to warm your speakers. Enjoy that with a vin chaud and a rustic fireplace (when available).

…each new hour holds new chances for new beginnings. the horizon leans forward, offering you space to take new steps of change… (Maya Angelou, 1993).


1.Long way home – Flame (Celsius Recordings)
2.You’re the only one – Kyro + Deeper Connection (Fokuz Recordings)
3.Diamonds – Lenzman (Sun and Bass)
4.The gift – SpectraSoul (Shogun Audio)
5.Japanese connection – MSDOS (Liquid Drops)
6.Forever weekend - Mr. Joseph (Liquid V)
7.Soul love - Crimson + Nizzo (BNC Express)
8.Ruff and tuff – Sugar Minott (Liondub)
9.Goofy – Side Effect (BNC Express)
10.Now it’s time – Mind Vortex (RAM Records)
11.Grand funk hustle – Die + Break (Digital Soundboy)
12.Doppler effect – DJ Marky + SPY (Innerground)
13.Under the weather – Colossus (E-Motion)
14.Yikes! (Lung remix) – London Elektricity (Hospital)
15.Whisper feat. Kirty Hawkshaw – Blu Mar Ten (BMT)


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