26 June 2012

RHINO SOULSYSTEM - Fusion Festival Campsite Mix for Rampshows blog June 2012

Killing two birds with one stone ... I made this set to entertain me and my mates at the fusion- festival campsite in eastern germany these days and giving it away via my favorite blog too.

So welcome to my latest installment for the rampshows blog in June 2012! Starting with some heavy laidback beats - ending up in a mess full of dubstep mash ups, some digital cumbia madness, moombahton and even Balkan Brass. Hope you enjoy this selection, feel free to comment!

RHINO SOULSYSTEM - Fusion Festival Campsite Mix for Rampshows blog June 2012 by Rhino Soulsystem(a)


01. illegal cookin DJ - Like it´s Reggae
02. Griz - You got to change
03. Dj Steve Jones - Soul Freak
04. Sola Rosa - Turn around (feat. Iva Lamkum / Alias Remix)
05. Grammatik - Break Loose
06. Danny Massure - Get me Back on Time
07. Inland Knights and Da Sunlounge - Another Thing
08. Antics - Clap Louder
09. Superpendejos - La Princesa De La Cumbia (Fort Knox Five Remix)
10. Rollomatik - Calling Home
11. Sister Nancy - Bam Bam (Top Billin Party Mix)
12. Party Animals - Jumping Reptiles
13. Dont Sweat the technique (ATTR Remix)
14. Nynfus Corporation - Istambool
15. AlgoRythmiK - Muppet Chaud
16. Beastie Boys - Sure Shot (DJ Sol Rising Remix)
17. Missy Elliot - Get Ur Freak On (Alvaro & Punish Moombahton Remix)
18. Empresarios vs. Nate Dogg - Regulate Mis Amigos
19. Hammond Classics - Caribe
20. Kowalski aka Djtzinas- Rock on
21. Coldcut - Tru Skool (leygo rebumpedit)
22. Skeewiff - Buffoon
23. Äl Jawala - Borderbounce (Shantisan Remix)


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