22 June 2014

Funky Mosquito Big Nu Funkee Beats Thirty-Six (Basement Freaks Tribute One)

This is my tribute mix to basement freaks and his nu-funk music:  Basement Freaks - aka George Fotiadis

If you've been paying any attention to the world of funky breakbeats then you've no doubt heard of Basement Freaks - the brainchild of George Fotiadis, a major force in the scene for well over ten years. Not only do his DJ sets elevate sold out crowds, he produces more music than almost any other DJ in the scene and is the label boss for the infamous label Bombastic Jam.


After more than 10 successful vinyl releases, 2 full albums, over 15 remixes and countless digital EPs, George has been called "The hardest working man in Funk". His music has been praised by MixMag, I-DJ Mag and even the Godfather of Nu-Skool Breaks - Rennie Pilgrem. In fact, every respectable funk DJ on the planet includes a Basement Freaks tune in their set.

George exploded into the world of breaks with his remix of Beggarman by Smoove and Turrell. Jalapeno records gotwind of this and sought out George to produce a follow-up album - "Something Freaky" - which has been played on BBC's Radio1 and written about in Knowledge Magazine.
His previous album - "Debut" - was part of his side project,Smokey Bandits, and showcases George's multitalented skills as he plays guitar, bass and drums. Since then, George has released music for Goodgroove, Wack,Breakbeat Paradise, ESL, Air Recordings, Bombstrikes and, of course, Bombastic Jam.

Further infos and more funky mixes you can find under facebook:

 Basement Freaks Tribute Tracklist:
01) Basement-Intro - Staber Shaft 17 F# (0:02)
02) Basement Freaks - Soul Men (4:22)
03) Basement Freaks - We Gonna Rock It (2:58)
04) Badboe and Basement Freaks VS. ODB & VA - CaliShaka (DJ PM2THEAM MASH) (2:46)
05) Basement Freaks - And Thats NuFunk (3:34)
06) Timewarp Inc - Dop Smoker (Basement Freaks Remix) (6:11)
07) Basement Freaks - Dancin' (feat Mustafa Akbar) (3:39)
08) Basement Freaks - Clap Ya Hands (3:15)
09) James Brown - Mind Power (Regrooved by Basement Freaks) (4:04)
10) Basement Freaks - Cash Money feat Georges Perin (2:49)
11) Valique - Kick Out Party (Basement Freaks Remix) (4:11)
12) Basement Freaks - BootyFunk (4:56)
13) Basement Freaks - Street Assassin (2:38)
14) Basement Freaks/Timothy Wisdom - Loopback Brother (Jayl Funk Remix) (3:41)
15) Basement Freaks - Going Out Tonight (3:31)
16) Basement Freaks - Insane Brains (4:18)
17) Basement Freaks - Spot On Phunk (3:50)
18) Busta feat Claire G - Take Control (Basement Freaks Remix) (2:55)
19) Hidden Riddim - Now You Know The Name (Basement Freaks Remix) (3:37)
20) The Bamboos vs Dj Vadim - Golden Rock (Basement Freaks B-Boy Mush Up) (2:53)
21) Basement Freaks - Hit The Flame (5:03)
22) Lagre Pro vs. Bad Monkeys & Basement Freaks - Hardcore Fan (3:16)
23) Basement Freaks - Something Freaky (Radio Edit) (3:00)
24) Kraak & Smaak - Forget About You (feat. Lee Fields) (Basement Freaks Remix) (3:41)
25) Basement Freaks - Nova Monkeys (Omegaman Remix) (4:33)
26) Basement Freaks - Soul Intoxication (4:22)
27) Dizzee Rascal vs Kool & The Gang - X Rated Holiday (DJ Angelo & Basement Freaks Mush Up) (4:52)
28) I.N.X.S - I Need You Tonight (Basement Freaks Edit) (3:42)
29) Basement Freaks - Get Down Boogie (Original Mix) (5:33)
30) Chic - Le Freak (Basement Freaks Edit) (3:20)
31) Basement Freaks - The Booty Jam (4:19)
32) Basement Freaks - Hot Beastie (4:18)
33) DJ Kid Stretch - Get Away (Basement Freaks Remix) (4:18)
34) Basement Freaks - No1 Fan (Basement Freaks Remix Instrumental) (4:56)
35) Basement Freaks (Bombastic Jam) - The Party Groove (4:05)

Big thanxs to Basement Freak for his great work, groove & funky stuff :)


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