24 January 2012

Bang 'n Mash #1

Drum & Bass Mix

Bang 'n Mash DNB #1 2012 by Bang 'n Mash

Nu-Funk Mix

Bang 'n Mash NUFUNK #1 2012 by Bang 'n Mash

We’re Bang ‘n Mash and we do assorted breaks for your pleasure :-)

Our first instalment on the infamous Ramp Shows Blog consists of two sessions. We start off with some silky smooth liquid drumandbass, the second sessions is all NU Funk.
Also, if you’re in for it, come check out our club night at Studio/K Amsterdam.
Next one is on Feb 17th 2012, with A.Skillz, DELimentary, Lebrosk and the Bang 'n Mash Collective, wooow!

Cheers, www.bangnmash.nl


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